You'll Never Be Able To Unsee These Pervy Disney Princess Pinups

by Ashley Austrew
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Disney Princesses are some of the most iconic characters in children’s media and there’s no shortage of artists experimenting with creative twists on the way they’re represented, but one illustrator’s recent take on the fairest ladies of them all kind of has us throwing up in our mouths a little bit.

Los Angeles-based illustrator Andrew Tarusov is a big fan of Disney movies and has been honing his skill at drawing pin-up girls, so he decided to combine the two and make super sexy Disney Princess Pinup illustrations. The drawings are really, really good. It’s just that they’re also extremely creepy in a way that makes me want to go wash my eyes out with rubbing alcohol.

For example, here’s Snow White about to do some things with Dopey that should never, ever be done.

Image via Instagram

Here’s Olaf gazing in wonder at Anna’s and Elsa’s bodacious buttcheeks.

Image via Instagram

Sleeping Beauty somehow just got more rapey. I didn’t think that was even possible.

Image via Instagram

Rapunzel looks dangerously close to a nip slip.

Image via Instagram

Also, Tiana looks like she’s ready to do more than just kiss this frog.

Image via Instagram

I think these images might be less disturbing if these princesses weren’t supposed to be teenage girls, but unfortunately that’s kind of the point. Disney princess movies are coming-of-age stories about young girls. Even if Tarusov meant them as a grown-up, womanly version of the classic Disney characters, it’s hard to make that switch in your head. I can’t stop looking at Ariel and thinking about how she’s supposed to be only 16.

Disney Princesses are already kind of disturbingly sexualized. They have huge eyes and tiny waists, heaving bosoms, and more make-up than you’d find on a toddler in a beauty pageant. It’s really not necessary to make them even more risqué. Why not practice instead on characters that aren’t intended for little girls?

A lot of these drawings are made even more disturbing by the other things in the photo. Dopey, for instance, looks almost like a toddler. The prince’s smug, predatory face in the Sleeping Beauty image will likely haunt my dreams forever. And I will never again be able to watch innocent, idyllic Rapunzel without picturing her hair wrapped around her Pamela Anderson bod like a makeshift toga.

I don’t mean to be such a pearl-clutcher, but these images just don’t sit right when I think about princess-loving little girls and the supposed innocence that Disney is supposed to represent. I get that it’s art, and Tarusov is extremely talented, but this is one whole new world I’m simply not ready for.

To see the rest of the drawings, go to Tarusov’s Instagram.

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