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Your Vagina: 5 Common Problems You May Have In Your Lifetime

March 3, 2018 Updated March 16, 2020

Discharge, Itchiness, dryness… Everyone encounters problems with their vag, but what’s common and what’s not? Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube.

WATCH: 5 Common Vagina Problems You May Experience

Madge the Vag sits with gynecologist, Dr. Ruth Tessler, to talk about 5 common vagina problems.

Dryness. Yikes! No one likes that. So why does it happen? As your cycle changes, so does your moisture and this is totally normal! Treat your dryness with lube. Who doesn’t lube that?

Itchiness or vaginal itching is also a common problem. Everyone always has a little itch but when it’s persists, it’s time to see a doctor.

So, what’s the deal with discharge? Yup, it’s totally normal. However, if it’s accompanied by a foul odor, itchiness, or it simply won’t go away – you should see a doctor. You may have an infection.

Yes, you may have some lumps and the bumps on your vagina. Sometimes the glands on your vagina can get clogged or infected causing a pimple. Often, this is caused by shaving with a razor which contains bacteria. These bumps can become infected. So keep a look out!

Painful sex is more common than most of us are willing to admit. Pain upon entering, says Dr. Tessler, could be from your vagina not being moist enough. So lube it up, ladies!

Listen to your vagina and talk to your gynecologist to treat these five common vagina problems!

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