Your Weekly Horoscope: January 8th


Your Weekly Horoscope: January 8th

by Team Scary Mommy
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It’s another episode of mom horoscopes with Nefertiti.

ARIES – This is your opportunity to say what’s on your mind or cover up the truth. Say what’s on your mind. Your kids say what’s on their minds. They should cover up more of their truth, especially in the bathroom.

TAURUS – A delay in receiving acknowledgement could happen today. It will happen. Just be patient. If it’s your kids you’re waiting on, for acknowledgement, For. Get. It. It’s not coming. Trust me.

GEMINI – Getting things done will seem impossible these last few days. Getting things done always seem impossible. Especially when you’re trying to go to the bank to get money for that field trip and you couldn’t find your keys again because SOMEONE keeps moving them. Not your fault.

CANCER – You’ll feel great and have no trouble channeling all your energy into your activities. Just make sure it’s an activity you like to do. Meditation is very valuable.

LEO – Family discussions may turn toward health and well-being. Because it’s all your sister will talk about. Guess how many people care about how many sit ups you did today, Cindy?? Zero!

VIRGO – Sometime this week, time will freeze and even seem to go backward. It may be a discussion with one of your kids. You know how they tell stories.

LIBRA – It’s a tense day and you will feel a longing for much needed change. Hello? yeah. You need a change, a change into your comfy clothes right when you get home. Bye pants. Hello sweats.

SCORPIO – You’ll accomplish a great deal today if you share your feelings with someone close. You better believe it. Share. Let it out. Say what’s on your mind. Everyone is always leaning on you. Now you need to lean on them.

SAGITTARIUS – Sometimes your significant other may reproach you for being less than tactful. Oh really? Well, maybe your significant other needs to not fall asleep during that the season finale of your favorite show and then say you have to watch it again from the start. How about that, Ed?

CAPRICORN – You have an unusual gift for making a tense situation seem less dramatic. Yeah, that’s right. Because you don’t care. Who has time to get dramatic about your kid not finding their favorite pillow case for their pillow. Guess what? I don’t care.

AQUARIUS – Dare to express your feelings without feeling ridicule. Ok, ok. Let’s do this. You call too much. You show up unannounced and criticize my cooking, MOM. Send.

PISCES – There could be a disagreement between you and a friend that has been bubbling up for some time. You know the friend. The one who uses too many emojis in her texts.

Well, thank you for stopping by for another episode of Momscopes with Nefertiti. May your week bring you and your zodiac planet peace.

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