Why I Will Never Be Too Old To Wear Sneakers With A Dress

by Laurie Ulster
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But do I?

This article popped up in my Facebook feed this morning, and I almost threw a party: “8 Times Sneakers Looked Absolutely Perfect With a Dress.”

Only eight? Should I be worried? I looked at the pictures.

Upon close examination (and uncalled-for judgment), I think maybe six of them look perfect. Two look weird. Most of them are wearing white sneakers, which I guess I need to buy, since mine come in a variety of colors and styles but none are white. And not everybody in the comments section seems to approve: The comments range from the simple “Bah. Nope.” and “Eight times never” to people saying it’s “too ’80s” and suggesting that you can dress like that as long as you don’t leave your own backyard. But I want to dress like that and leave my own backyard.

So can I?

Who do I need permission from? Is there someone I can call?

They say that one of the blessings of being in your 40s is that you stop caring about what other people think. I’m still waiting for that revelation. I still care. But maybe this is where I start to assert myself. I’m declaring it: I’m never too old to wear sneakers with a dress, and neither are you. Here are my own 49-year-old examples of the perfect times to pair the two.

1. Picnics! Time to break out the Converse and pair them with a sundress.

2. Anytime, if you sport Keds. Aren’t Keds okay with any summer dress? I think that might satisfy the fashion police.

3. Semiformal summer events, like the gala they threw for our local indie movie house. I should’ve gone, and strolled the tented lawn in elegant comfort.

4. Work. Can I get away with it at work? I think I can, if I can dress like this:

© Tim Regas/Instagram user whersmydriver

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