10 YouTube Channels To Keep Your Kids Moving At Home

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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10 YouTube Channels To Keep Your Kids Moving At Home: Poppin' Bubbles
GoNoodle | Get Moving/Youtube

Spending all of our time inside is hard for everyone, but especially our kids. School aged kids are used to a routine, one that includes regular breaks to move around. Now that they’re largely housebound, finding ways to give them those physical breaks isn’t quite as easy. But there is one great resource (and your kids are probably already on it): YouTube! There are a good handful of YouTube channels that have videos to help our kids get the wiggles out.

Aside from encouraging kids to get up and move around, they’re learning. Many of these videos use movement to teach kids things like colors, numbers and following simple instructions. So if you’re looking for good ways to get your kids moving around, here are ten YouTube channels to check out!

Go Noodle

I first heard about this YouTube channel from my kiddo. His teacher uses it frequently in their classroom, and the kids totally love it! Anything that can wrangle a group of rambunctious kinder kids must be an actual gift. Go Noodle encourages kids to get up, move around, and be super silly and fun. Their videos are a great way to help get the wiggles out, but also follow simple dance moves and directions.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you have a feral child like mine, chances are they need to calm down (like, now). Enter Cosmic Yoga, one of the best YouTube channels for getting these damn kids to relax. Jaime, the host, expertly uses different stories and popular kids’ entertainment to tailor the yoga practices. Not only does it teach kids yoga poses they can do for strength and relaxation, it also teaches them mindfulness. In these trying times, teaching our kids to be able to check in with themselves and be mindful is crucial for their mental health … and ours.

Pancake Manor

This is a fun, music-oriented YouTube channel with lots of videos to get kids up and moving around. It’s a mix of songs kids are familiar with like “Baby Shark” and “The Wheels on the Bus” and original songs. Mostly focusing on younger kids, they learn things like colors, the alphabet, and numbers. There are even songs for babies, for those parents who may need to keep their littlest ones occupied while helping the bigger kids with work.

The Learning Station

This channel is made for babies to elementary school age kids. It’s full of traditional nursery rhyme videos, but also a lot of videos that encourage movement. They have an entire playlist of brain break videos — many of them are under five minutes and encourage kids to get up and groove for a few minutes.

Debbie Doo Kids TV

Half of what makes good YouTube channels for kids is a fun person leading the activities. Enter Debbie Doo, who has infectious good energy and a wacky wardrobe. In a child-oriented space to sing, dance and jump around, Debbie promotes that the bottom line is kids having a good time. Her channel is a mix of classic and popular kids’ songs and original compositions.

The Kiboomers

This channel is mainly for preschool-age kids, but can be fun for everyone. With more than 500 songs and cute animations, there are different videos for their songs that will encourage learning and moving. Now that their normal learning routines are changing, this is a great way to reinforce things like counting and colors. Older kids will get a kick out of The Freeze Dance. There are also a bunch of other themed songs for holidays and seasons, and even a song that helps them count to 100!

Move To Learn

Are you at your wits’ end trying to to make sure your kids don’t forget everything they’ve already learned? Move to Learn is one of the few YouTube channels geared towards kids of all ages. They just launched M2L for teens to get them up and moving (because they’re the hardest to motivate) while teaching them too. The channel was made by a group of teachers, and everything is divided by age to make it easier to navigate. Kids can learn everything from shapes to patterns to the metric system and beyond. There are even specific videos for relaxing.

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Jack Hartmann has almost 1000 videos on his YouTube channel encouraging movement and learning. Given the state of things, he even has a song called “I’m A Hand Washer” to help remind and encourage kids to make sure they’re washing their hands. There are a series of videos that combine learning numbers with exercising and a section called “Brain Breaks.” He even has a set of videos that teaches kids American Sign Language, which is useful and fun to learn.

Kidz Bop

Yes, there is nothing weirder than hearing a group of little kids singing “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. But whether we like it or not, Kidz Bop is pretty damn popular. And their YouTube channel is full of videos that are just like their albums. Will you probably want to cringe a little? Yes. But putting something like this on is a lot easier than screening a music video channel or the radio. Additionally, some of the videos include cardio or strength warm-ups.

20 Online

Exercise YouTube channels are abundant, and technically this is a channel for adult workouts. But it also features a few good 20 minute exercises for kids. One is called “Playful Poses,” which encourages kids to stretch and move their bodies in ways they may not have tried. And another video, “The Last Jump,” is perfect for those kiddos with excess energy.

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