YouTube Has A Free Virtual Summer Camp Program With Over 1,200 Videos

by Christina Marfice
YouTube Has A Free Virtual Summer Camp Program With Over 1,200 Videos: mother using tablet with youn...
MoMo Productions/Getty

If your kids are already bored of their pandemic summer, YouTube has the virtual summer camp that will keep them busy and entertained

Parents everywhere are breathing a big sigh of relief now that distance-learning classes have ended and summer break is here. But what exactly do you do during a pandemic summer? Family vacations, camping trips, and even playdates are still risky and canceled for a lot of families, so it’s no wonder parents are scrambling for social-distancing-friendly summer entertainment for some already bored kids. And YouTube is here to help, with an extensive virtual summer camp that has something for everyone.

The new YouTube program contains more than 1,200 videos on fun and educational subjects, meaning there’s something that will pique any kid’s interest.

And while you may be hesitant to allow your kiddos to spend a big chunk of their summer in front of YouTube (they spend enough time there already, don’t they?) worry not — these aren’t just educational videos. While there are plenty of sit-back-and-watch type videos (like STEM classes, a virtual reality tour of a spaceship, and a documentary on the origin of race in the United States, just to name a few), they all have very real educational value. But the majority of the videos are actually based in teaching your kids skills or guiding them through an activity. There’s how to tie knots, how to write slam poetry, how to read music and play the guitar, plus a kids’ yoga camp, contemporary dance classes, math-based cooking courses, and so much more.

From the Camp YouTube page, kids can choose STEM, Arts, Sports, or Adventure categories, and then explore from there. Families can also download camp-related Bingo boards, and cross off classic summer activities as they complete them together.

And those are just the videos that are available now. Camp YouTube is ongoing right now and will last for the next two weeks, with new videos being rolled out every weekday. That means, if for some reason, there’s nothing currently streaming that interests your kid, just give it a few days. With this wide a variety of content, there’s sure to be something that will catch their eye and attention span soon.

In short, this is how you’re going to get your kids to do something fun this summer, while also learning a ton of useful skills — and staying safe. It’s not exactly a replacement for real summer camp, but in the age of Coronavirus, we’ll all take what we can get.