Zoom Will Lift Its 40-Minute Time Limit On Thanksgiving Day

Zoom Will Lift Its 40-Minute Time Limit On Thanksgiving Day


On Thanksgiving day, have a free and socially distant holiday with unlimited Zoom calls

Thanksgiving is upon us and COVID cases are on the rise, leaving many families wondering how to safely celebrate Thanksgiving this year, if at all. Now with CDC officials urging Americans to cancel their holiday travel plans, a digital Thanksgiving might be in store this year and thanks to Zoom — the official app of 2020 — they’ve ditched their pesky 40-minute “meeting limit” for one day only: Thanksgiving.

If you’ve been relying on Zoom since March to “see” friends and family during the pandemic, you basically have to know someone who upgraded their Zoom account, otherwise, you get kicked out at the 40-minute mark. Maybe you’re like me and you just let the call drop out at minute 40 and then call back and waste a few minutes joking about technology and 2020 (ugh, everything, amirite?), but now on Thanksgiving you don’t have to.

From midnight EST on November 26, 2020, through 6 a.m. EST on November 27, 2020, there will be no limit on Zoom calls globally. While a Zoom Thanksgiving might not be the ideal Thanksgiving, it’s the safest option right now, and honestly, with all the love and business Zoom got this year, a day of free and unlimited Zoom calls is the least they can do for us. And with unlimited Zoom calling, you could literally live stream the entire day, from the Macy’s parade in the morning to the last slice of pumpkin pie at night.