Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 23

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You’ve Got a Chatty Cathy on Your Hands!


All of that adorable baby babbling is giving way to words! Your toddler has a brain crammed full of words to express her rage over having to eat peas, her dislike of your incessant need to clean shit, and of course, “No!” She’s been waiting since she was a zygote to try these out and here’s her chance!

Consider giving your child a daily verbal tour of the world. You can do this by pointing out details like the colors of walls, furniture, and clothing or talking about the numbers of objects. Read everything from menus to street signs, newspapers to books. Let your child get excited about learning to talk. Just not so excited that she blurts out an embarrassing word she learned from you!

While you are giving your Chatty Cathy a verbal tour of the world, don’t forget about safety. It’s always a good idea to revisit toddler-proofing for safety as your child grows out of one milestone and into another. Follow your child around the house and see what sorts of trouble your kid is curious enough to get into, and everything she can reach now — from the toilet to the kitchen trash, secure everything you can.

Scary Mommy Tip: Just like reading to your child every night can increase literacy skills, so too can simply talking to him. Make up stories together, sing songs, and have those hilarious toddler conversations about why the family dog farts or how much spaghetti looks like worms that your kid will initiate. It all leads to better verbal skills — not to mention plenty of laughs!


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