Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 24

by Scary Mommy
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You Got This, Mama!


This week you’ll likely schedule your child’s 18-month check up! So what kinds of questions should you ask? The three biggest topics of discussion at the pediatrician’s office will be on vaccines (here come the perfect parents), sleep (seriously, when will you get some), and potty training (because, duh).

Vaccines are a hot button topic these days after reports of whooping cough and mumps spreading in communities across the country made the national news. People love to bitch about the pros and cons of immunizations. Work with your pediatrician to make a decision that is ethically and medically right for you and your family.

Sleep – the greatest joke in motherhood. While you may not be getting much sleep for six thousand different reasons, your child should be getting roughly 11 to 12 hours of it every night. Jealous, aren’t you? Can you just imagine what you could accomplish with THAT much sleep?! Pfft… that’s what coffee is for. Be sure to bring up any concerns over sleep patterns, napping, or bedtime routines.

Potty Training is like the holy grail of toddlerhood. Every mom wants to get her sweet little bundle out of those damn diapers and into some tidy-whities or Princess Elsa undies. But before you get too excited just realize that even if you move past diapers, most moms are still wiping asses all the way to age five.

Scary Mommy Tip: Don’t let all of the vaccine and sleep and potty training advice that people will shove under your nose get you down. Remember who is boss: YOU! And you got this, mama!


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