Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 4

by Scary Mommy
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Remember that All Kids – and People! – are Different


Toddlers are quirky characters. Their mood swings and ever-changing list of fears make even the calmest mother feel like she’s losing it from time to time.

Some children are shy and have stranger anxiety. Remember that all kids – and people! – are different. Don’t worry if she suddenly doesn’t want Grandma to hold her or if she screams bloody murder in the grocery checkout line because there are strangers around you. Gently reassure her and carry on as usual.

It’s normal for children this age to fear new people and situations. Don’t allow her fear to stop you from going about your usual day. Sometimes after what feels like a very long acclimation period, your child will warm up and return to her usual self.

If your toddler is suddenly afraid to take a bath, adjust the depth and temperature of the water, or try bubbles or a new batch of toys. A distraction from the fear may do the trick… at least for long enough to get him scrubbed down. Even if your child seems to have excellent balance, NEVER leave him alone in the tub.

Scary Mommy Tip: Comfort items will help ease your child’s anxiety, so make sure to bring along her special blanket or lovey when you leave the house to prevent major meltdowns. If at all possible, buy two of whatever she’s attached to so you’ll always have one in the car or in your bag.


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