Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 41

by Scary Mommy

Repetitive Books and are Boring as Hell, but Your Toddler Loves Them the Best


Welcome to month 22! At this point your toddler probably knows anywhere from 20 to 50 words, hopefully none that could embarrass you when shouted in public. She may even be combining a few of them at a time to make simple phrases or questions. (You’ll be impressed with that ability, until she’s yapping at you through the crack in the bathroom door when you JUST. NEED. A MINUTE. ALONE.)

Repetitive books and songs are boring as hell, yes, but those are the ones your toddler will love best – and the ones that help the most with language development. Books with simple rhyming words and repeated phrases are easy to memorize, and your kiddo will enjoy filling in the correct word when you pause. This also fosters the all-important listening skill.

Don’t worry if your little one isn’t talking much. Seriously. Don’t. At this age, the number of words a child understands is greater than the number he actually speaks — so if you look at it that way, his vocabulary isn’t as limited as his silence makes it seem. And late talkers are a thing (especially if you’ve got a boy). Kids reach developmental milestones at different paces. If you’re truly concerned, have his hearing checked; it’s a good place to start in determining the cause of his speech delay — if there is one. More likely, though, he’s just holding out until there’s something worthwhile to say.

Scary Mommy Tip: Try expanding her grasp of language and vocabulary by building more elaborate sentences out of her single words. For example, if she says, “Hungry!” you can respond with, “Yes! I’m hungry too! We’re going to have chicken for dinner.”


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