Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 45

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Your toddler’s second birthday is rapidly approaching!


Your toddler’s second birthday is rapidly approaching, and with it, an astounding acquisition of language. (Because when they’re two, it’s important that they have a variety of ways to tell you they don’t like something.)

You’ve built vocabulary by pointing out general objects – the tree, the kitty, the fire truck – and now it’s time to elaborate. Talk about how things are shiny or stinky or silky. Offer your toddler a variety of textured items (like scraps of sandpaper or a handful of cotton balls) and discuss how they feel. When you’re reading together, point out details: “The three bears’ porridge is steaming, isn’t it? It must be very hot.”

Your toddler is also busy building math skills. Learning shapes and spatial relations – whether an object is under, behind, on top of, etc. – is the first step in understanding geometry. What a little genius! Shapes are all over the place (Team Umizoomi says so), and pointing them out to your toddler can help her begin to identify them, even if she can’t tell you what’s what just yet. Also, you can help her understanding of spatial concepts by giving her examples: the toy is under the rug, the dog is behind the chair, the wine is in the refrigerator (okay, so maybe not that one).

Scary Mommy Tip: Activities like the Hokey Pokey dance, where you “put your right foot in, take your right foot out,” also help teach spatial concepts… and allow your toddler to burn off some of that endless energy in the process. Anything for an easier bedtime, right?


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