Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 5

by Scary Mommy
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Your Child is Not Being Deliberately Destructive


Toddlers are a tornado of activity. Your child probably delights in throwing things, knocking down towers, and pulling down anything within reach. It’s exhausting.

Your child is not being deliberately destructive. He just views the world as one big carnival ride/science experiment – what happens if I push this button? What happens if I pull this cord repeatedly? They are busy learning limits and cause and effect, so child proofing is vital at this point.

Stacking, nesting, and pop-up toys are riveting to 13-month-olds, along with anything that rattles or makes noise (think pots and pans). Games that involve putting objects into a bucket and dumping them out, Tupperware containers, and blocks will keep your child occupied for long stretches of time.

Try not to stress about the state of your home. Living spaces that contain toddlers are supposed to be cluttered, messy, and strewn with toys. If it really bothers you, assign an area for your child to destroy – a playroom, or his bedroom, for example – and focus on keeping the rest of the house in order.

Scary Mommy Tip: Take advantage of the time when your child is happily banging pots and pans together by making a cup of coffee or tea and putting your feet up. Recharging during those short spans of time will help keep your sanity in check. Noise bothering you? Blast your favorite music and sing along. Loudly.


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