1 Year Old Toddler Week 51

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Salt-n-Pepa is NOT Your Potty Training Jam; You Do Not Want to Push it


Changing diapers is a shitty job – no pun intended – so it’s natural to hope that your newly-two-year-old is ready to make the leap from Pampers to potty chair.

Potty training happens within a huge timeframe; some kids start showing signs of readiness as early as 18 months, and some aren’t fully potty trained until they’re 4 years old, so there’s that. But relax! Even if your little one isn’t quite ready to start, there’s plenty of time – pushing it earlier may actually backfire in the long run.

You’ll notice a few signs that tell you your toddler is ready. First, he’ll need to be physically able to actually run to the toilet and pull his pants down. He will be dry for long periods of time throughout the day, and he’ll poop on a relatively reliable schedule. (When he does, he may hide or squat or grunt or otherwise signal that he’s dropping a load.) He might dislike the feeling of a wet or dirty diaper and try to take it off, and is intrigued by the prospect of wearing underwear.

How your toddler trains best will depend on personality. Some are motivated by bribes, while others (especially boys, who have a more aim-able anatomy) will respond better to games, like seeing how fast they can sink a few floating Cheerios. However you choose to coax your toddler to the toilet, you’ll get the best results by doing it every half-hour or so for the first little bit. Not every trip will end in success, of course, but when one does, lavish your little one with praise. If you’re comfortable with it, sometimes it helps to let your toddler run around naked until he gets the hang of things – they sometimes seem more hesitant to go on the floor than in whatever’s covering their butts.

Scary Mommy Tip: It might take your toddler longer to master pooping in the toilet than peeing. That’s completely normal, so don’t worry. Pretty soon your little person will be #1 at going #2!


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