Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 6

by Scary Mommy
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On the Move


Sometime between 9 months and 18 months, your child will learn to walk and your life will be forever changed. Gone are the days of plopping your baby on a blanket and tossing some toys around for her to grab – once your child is a toddling toddler, you will spend a lot of your time chasing her around.

Learning to walk will give your child a taste of freedom. It will be hard to hold him on your lap or carry him around once he knows he can get around by himself. Provide safe, even surfaces for him to practice his new skill, and try not to get too upset when he falls. Bumps and bruises are inevitable, so keep your first-aid kit fully stocked.

If your child isn’t walking yet, encourage her to practice. Hold her hand and lead her up and down the stairs, or arrange the furniture so that she can easily cruise around the room. One day when you least expect it, she’ll take off!

This is a good time to go shoe shopping. FINALLY! Something fun for you! Since the shoes won’t fit his growing feet for long, there’s no need to go overboard with the priciest brands. Look for flexible shoes made of leather or canvas with a rubber sole which will help with traction. There should be about a half-inch of space between her big toe and the end of the shoe, and ask for help if you aren’t sure about sizing!

Scary Mommy Tip: So your toddler has new shoes, but what do YOU need? Identify and obtain the things that make your life easier and more enjoyable, so that you are better able to enjoy motherhood.


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