Your 1 Year Old Toddler Week 9

by Scary Mommy
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One of Your Jobs is to be Patient


Toddlers are best known for their tantrums, and by now you may have caught a glimpse of the ugly side of your child. Kids this age comprehend a lot more than they can express, which can be frustrating for everyone involved. Remember that your job is to patiently help him learn limits as he explores and learns about the world.

Discipline is tricky for a child this age. They are too young to understand right from wrong, so try redirection or distraction. Provide a safe space for him to go crazy without limits. If there are other adults who care for him regularly, make sure you are all on the same page regarding rules and discipline.

Toddlers thrive on consistency… which is why they freak out if anything changes. God help the mom whose toddler’s favorite toy or comfort item comes up missing. If you find yourself living this nightmare and you are unable to replace the item with something suitable before bedtime, try empathizing with your child and offer a replacement. Sometimes things you wouldn’t normally think of – like one of Daddy’s t-shirts – will tide them over until you can find the lost item.

Offer age-appropriate choices. How many and what kind will depend on the child, but toddlers have a need to feel positive power. Helping her to do this within the boundaries that YOU set will keep everyone happy!

Scary Mommy Tip: Children in the midst of a tantrum aren’t capable of reason. Remaining calm will help your child find his way out of a tantrum faster, so try different methods to see what works best. Sometimes singing a song helps distract them, and before you know it your angry beast will be sweetly singing along.


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