10 Reasons You Should Have a Second Baby

by Joanna McClanahan
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I talk a lot about how overwhelming it is to have an infant and a toddler.

And how expensive it is.

And time-consuming.

But let me be clear: it is totally and completely worth it.

Here are just 10 reasons that you should consider having a second baby:

1. They will learn to share. Or at least learn to put up with sharing. Or learn the art of “trading” for another toy. All of these are good things.

2. Your furniture will be gross, regardless. Seriously. No matter which way you look at it, you won’t have nice stuff for at least another decade.

3. They will keep each other entertained. Your kid will always have someone to play with. And as they move into adolescence, they can bond over how crazy their parents are.

4. You’ll appreciate the baby stage so much more. With your first kid, you can’t wait for them to reach the next milestone, get bigger, learn to walk and talk. The second time around, you’ll feel more prepared for dealing with a baby, and you might even consider selling your soul for them to stay little as long as possible.

5. You’ll have learned to function on very little sleep. Chances are you’re either not getting much sleep with one kid, or you at least survived a few months with little sleep and know you’ll make it through.

6. Kate and William did it. Granted, they have nannies to change nappies, push prams, and help take care of the baby when they’re knackered. And yes, I mostly just wanted an excuse to use those words. Cheerio!

7. Your kids will learn to resolve problems. Even though you’ll be the default referee, your kids will learn to communicate and problem solve on their own. Eventually. Right?

8. You could potentially have one of each. A boy and a girl! Even if you don’t, your kids will be sisters! Or brothers! All of the possibilities are pretty effing adorable.

9. Your first child will be a great helper. I can’t tell you how many times our 3-year-old has helped me by getting extra wipes from the closet, or picking up a bottle that fell, or telling me I had baby snot on my shirt.

10. The sound of them laughing together is the cutest thing you’ll ever hear. And seeing them hug, dance, and play together will warm your heart like nothing else ever could.

It will be a lot of work, and some days will be harder than others. But the good will outweigh the bad — and you’ll never be bored again! (At least not for quite some time.)

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