10 Signs You're a 'Sorry-Not-Sorry' Mom

by Iulia Gulia
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A smiling brunette 'sorry-not-sorry' mom with pink sunglasses holding a baby with oversized sunglass...
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In an age where mommy wars abound and the soldiers proudly display their parenting flags (you know, the breast police and the hooter haters, the mommy models and the yoga pants sponsors, the anti-vaxxers, and the very anti-anti-vaxxers) there has emerged a new breed…the SORRY-NOT-SORRY mom.

Haters gonna hate, but this lady does what she wants, no apologies needed.

Are YOU a “Sorry-Not-Sorry” mom?

1. You pooped during birth. Some may find this profoundly embarrassing, but you, on the other hand, view it as a sign of your remarkable multitasking abilities. Not only did you push a human out of your lady castle, but you also got a head start on the dreaded postpartum bowel movement. Golf claps all around.

2. You’re all about raising sophisticated and cultured children. Or maybe it’s just that the sitter canceled last minute. Either way, date-night WILL happen, so you bring your baby with to that fancy French restaurant. Bring on the stink-eyes, but mama needs a night out!

3. You’re not ashamed to admit you indulge in the occasional day drinking. If your kids get to enjoy a daily nap, then you can enjoy a daily glass of wine during nap time. Never mind that it’s 2:00 in the afternoon.

4. You believe in keeping it real, so you don’t bother cleaning up before guests come over. Cereal on the couch cushions, jelly on the door knob….meh. You’re a mom with little ones and you won’t try and pretend they don’t make messes. Besides…you wouldn’t want to set the bar too high for future visits.

5. You take your baby on a long airplane ride, and you don’t hand out good-willed treat bags in advance. Babies have a right to travel too. Besides, why should you need to apologize for your baby being a baby?

6. Messy hair don’t care…yoga sweats, no regrets. Stinky pits…ok you get it. You rock your disheveled mom look like you’re Kate Moss and it’s fashion week.

7. You’ve read all about the purported risks of sleep training and heard all about the supposed dangers of co-sleeping…and you’ve done both anyway. A well-rested family is the goal, and you’ve got your eye on the prize, even if you have to resort to controversial tactics to come out on top.

8. You’re guilty of over-sharing your baby’s pictures on social media, but you totally don’t feel guilty about it. It’s your timeline, and you’ll post what you want. Besides, have you SEEN how cute your baby’s cheeks are? Who wouldn’t want to look at that?!

9. You’re out in public and your baby starts to burrow into your chest like a squirrel rooting for acorns. Forget designated nursing areas…you’re not afraid to whip out your nursing shawl (or not) and drop that (top) like it’s hot. The baby is hungry, and there is no situation that will keep you from feeding her.

10. You’re a mom and you work. Or you stay-at-home. You breastfeed. No, you bottle feed. You home-school, private school, un-school, public school. Whatever it is that you do, you OWN it because you stand firm in your convictions. Stink eyes shoot your way, snarky comments make themselves heard, and judgment rains upon you, but you can’t be bothered to care. You do what’s best for your baby, sorry-not-sorry.

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