People Left 10 Tons Of Trash On A Virginia Beach After A Memorial Day Party

by Christina Marfice
Councilman Michael Berlucchi/Fscebook

Photos of this Virginia beach left completely covered in trash will hurt your heart

Memorial Day marks the start of summer, which makes it a great day to pack a cooler and some floaties and head to the beach. And that’s exactly what hundreds of people near Virginia’s Chic’s Beach thought when they headed to the annual Floatopia event, a beach party meant to kick off the summer beach season. Only those hundreds of people are heartless jerks who didn’t pick up their trash before they left. Now, photos of the aftermath of their party are going viral, and if you care at all about the Earth, seeing the beach completely littered with garbage will hurt your heart.

The city of Virginia Beach reported that crews cleaned up ten tons of trash from the beach. That is 20,000 damn pounds of garbage that people couldn’t be bothered to clean up after themselves. I’m sorry, was this a beach filled with disgusting children? Or were there any adults present? Apparently not, because one would hope any adult would know better than to bring a bunch of boxes, plastic, disposable cups, towels, clothes, pool floats and other junk and then just leave it on the beach when they’re ready to go home.

“It was food wrappers, cans, bottles, pieces of floats, towels, everything,” a city public works spokesman told local news reporters. “It was almost like they saw a tornado coming and everybody just got up and ran for safety and left everything there.”

The disheartening and embarrassing scene was captured on video and then shared to social media by a number of people who were rightfully disgusted to see the state of this beautiful beach after Memorial Day revelers had had their way with it.

One of those people was City Councilman Michael Berlucchi, who shared a photo to Facebook, writing, “I was disappointed to wake up this morning to see images of trash all over our beautiful Chesapeake Bay beach after Sunday’s festivities. We can do better than this! Let’s work together to keep our City beautiful and clean.”

Disappointed seems like an understatement, or at least it should be. Some more appropriate adjectives: disgusted, appalled, or nauseated. We feel that way, and we don’t even live there. That isn’t even our beach, that we frequent and swim at and walk on. Seriously, how are the people of Virginia Beach not rioting over this?

Oh, wait, here’s why: News reports say a typical weekend at Chic’s Beach produces one entire ton of trash. While the Memorial Day event produced ten times as much as usual, one ton is still 2,000 pounds of garbage every single weekend, so apparently people there are just used to their beaches being trashed.

Seriously, though, Virginia Beach (and all beach) residents, do better than this. Cut down on how many disposables and plastics you use. Have some pride in your home, and some care for the planet that we all have to share. Photos of littered beaches like the ones that came out of Virginia Beach should be unacceptable and a wakeup call to all of us.