10 Ways Parenting Is Like Game of Thrones

by Victoria Fedden
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Parents love the HBO series Game of Thrones, and it’s easy to see why. Just about every mom and dad I know counts the seconds until the kids finally go to bed just so they can watch the next addictive episode. The blood and gore, the constant intrigue and plot twists as the seven kingdoms war and rage to claim the Iron Throne — it’s cathartic, and in a lot of ways, moms and dads can actually relate to the on-screen action. Sometimes parenting has a lot in common with the over-the-top drama that goes on in Westeros.

Here are 10 ways that parenting is like Game of Thrones:

1. Each day, in some new and unexpected way, you are repeatedly outsmarted by a cunning and clever individual who is half your height.

2. When your subjects suddenly revolt, your fine clothes may be splattered with excrement.

3. Your home was ransacked by a band of bloody savages. They may have called themselves 5-year-olds, but from the looks of the living room, you’re pretty sure the invaders were actually a Khalasar of Dothraki.

4. A “small council” governs your daily activities too. There is much infighting and disagreement within the ranks and you will often be tempted to use force to restore peace.

5. “Winter is Coming.” Parents shudder at these words. White Walkers, pale spiders big as hounds, stir-crazy children trapped indoors with no school, demanding entertainment, as the snow piles higher and eight hours feels like a fortnight.

6. Allies will suddenly turn on you. They will say they want a grilled cheese sandwich, so you will make them a grilled cheese sandwich — only to find that they now want peanut butter and jelly instead. Strawberry jelly, you back-alley whore!

7. Mother of Dragons? We get you, Daenerys. Worrying over multiple children? Will they grow? What on earth will they eat? Is someone going to kidnap them? Is something burning? And for the love of the old gods and the new, when will they cease this incessant screeching?

8. At times all parents will wonder how they came to be ruled by an underage tyrant. No! We will not pledge our fealty and this child WILL put on two matching shoes, eat more than just the breading on his chicken tenders, stop hitting his sister and pick up his Legos!

9. In the middle of dealing with an epic tantrum, you hear yourself crying out “I yield!” Fine! Wear a winter coat like one of the Night’s Guard at The Wall when it’s 90 degrees outside and your sister is late for summer camp again. You’re done arguing for now. There will always be another battle, and next time you will prevail.

10. Game of Thrones might be fantasy, but every single one of us moms and dads wouldn’t hesitate to start a war, to kill, or to die if anyone dared to hurt our kids. Maybe that’s partly why we love the show so much.

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