Your 10 Week Old Baby


Your 10 Week Old Baby

You’re not just parents, you’re partners…

Scary Mommy Baby Week 10


If you’re not planning to stay home, it’s probably about time to go back to work. You’ve likely become a pro at pumping and storing milk if you’re nursing, so now it’s time for phase two: finding a caregiver. Whoever you leave your baby with, it’s important that you establish a relationship before it’s time to hand her over for eight hours a day. This will give the sitter, and your baby, time to adjust to each other (and let’s be real: time for you to decide whether you like the person enough to trust them so you can avoid a “what have I done?” freak-out on your first day back). Arrange for a few shorter “trial” outings before you commit to doing it on the daily.

Your baby’s brain is still developing at an exponential rate, and she is fascinated by bright colors and new textures. But that doesn’t mean your living room has to look like Toys ‘R Us took a dump on it; even common household objects can have fun new textures and shapes to explore (try giving her a damp washcloth or an empty ice cube tray, for example). Just keep an eye on her and make sure there are no little pieces or sharp corners. And tell Grandma she can contribute to the college fund with all the money she saves on baby toys.

How are things on the romantic front? Have you had a date night yet? Even if you haven’t, or aren’t exactly feeling ready to bust out the lingerie, it’s still important to maintain a connection. That doesn’t necessarily mean sex, either (sorry, husbands everywhere) but simple intimacy. Find time to watch a movie together – even if it’s on the couch – or take a walk, with or without the baby. Having kids changes your marriage, but you’ve got to keep some perspective: you’re not just parents, you’re partners.


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