This 10-Year-Old's Note To His 'Girlfriend' Will Give You Relationship Envy

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

10-year-old’s sweet note to his “girlfriend” goes viral

There’s a 10-year-old boy who sounds more considerate and thoughtful than a grown man and he’s stealing hearts everywhere with a sweet note he wrote his “girlfriend.” You might want to print it out to show your significant other because this kid is giving us serious relationship envy.

Nicole Rodriguez tells Buzzfeed that her daughter Sherri has been “dating” Cole for the last year. The mom explains that the Texas fifth graders first got together when Cole admitted to “having a little crush on her” and asked her to accompany him to their fourth grade homecoming dance.

Now, before we get our panties in a wad over the term “dating,” Rodriguez says the kids’ activities are all innocent. “He plays competitive baseball, and she plays competitive soccer, so they go to each other’s games and watch each other. It’s not too much more than that. We go out to dinner as families, but they don’t go on any solo dates or anything.”

So when Sherri tore her ACL playing soccer last week, Cole was worried. His mom, Brandi Lanclos, says she and Cole were at the game and saw it happen. “He came home that night and said, ‘I want to write her a letter and get her something to make her feel better.”

And this is where the adorable-meter goes off the charts.

Image via Twitter

He writes, “I’m so sorry that you broke your knee. I will miss watching you play soccer and I’m sorry that you won’t be able to play softball for a while. But I know you will heal quickly, and I will get to watch you play again soon. Although you can’t play sports, you still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.”

Are you kidding? Can we please have Cole teach an online seminar about empathy and cheering up injured girlfriends? Kid is sweet as can be.

His next paragraph is part motivational, part spiritual. All adorable. “God has a plan for all of us and sometimes it’s hard for us to understand why thing[s] happen to us. My dad tells me that God only allows things to happen that He knows we can handle. You are a pretty, nice, funny, and strong girl that is also a good friend. You will get through this quickly.”

Cole closes his note with a plea for Sherri to tell him how he can help as she recovers and that he hopes she’s better soon.

The letter was delivered along with a cookie cake and teddy bear at Sherri’s soccer practice, where she could only sit and watch. Lanclos says Sherri got “excited” when she spotted Cole. “Her eyes lit up and she started giggling. It was a really sweet moment.”

Image via Twitter

It was Sherri’s cousin Gabriela who shared photos of the kids along with Cole’s letter on Twitter where it was then retweeted over 2,500 times.

It sounds like their newfound internet fame won’t affect the solid friendship these two have built. Rodriguez says their bond is “natural” and “heartfelt.” “He told her from the very get-go that he loves that she’s funny, cute, sporty, she has a good personality, and that’s what he really loves about her,” Rodriguez shares.

Never change, Cole. You are the stuff of boyfriend dreams.