This 1,000-Piece All-Black Puzzle Will Make Your Quarantine Way Better... Or Worse

by Leah Groth
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This 1,000-Piece All-Black Puzzle Will Make Your Quarantine Way Better... Or Worse

Zazzle is selling an all-black, 1,000-piece puzzle that will definitely keep you busy during your COVID-19 quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have been pretty much confined to their homes for over a month. In addition to watching television, cooking and baking for hours on end, working from home, home schooling children — sometimes done all at the same time — puzzles have become a newly popular pastime. And now, you can up your puzzle game by tackling an (almost) all-black version that rings in at 1,000 pieces.

According to Ravensburger (via CNBC) one of the largest puzzle makers in the world, sales are are up 370% since last year at this same time. If you are one of the millions of people who have been passing days by assembling tiny pieces of cardboard and have already mastered the infamous clear puzzle, and are sick of landscapes, Disney princesses, and world maps, you are in luck. This baffling all-black puzzle is screaming your name.


Available on the online store Zazzle, the sleek-looking, all-black puzzle (save for the cheeky “good luck” message in the middle) is available in several different sizes — ranging from a 30-piece, relatively easy to finish version to one that is over 1,000 pieces, which could potentially drive you to drink. A lot. If you aren’t into all black you can also customize the puzzle, opting for another solid color or even a photograph, drawing, or other image of your liking. This will obviously make the puzzle a whole lot easier to assemble.

If you are a puzzle prodigy, however, and find that anything under 50,000 pieces is simply elementary, then you can always splurge on The Kodak-brand 27 Wonders of the World puzzle, which is a mystifying 51,300 (yes as in fifty-one thousand three-hundred) pieces. Amazon claims it to be the “biggest puzzle in the world” — and it is certainly one of the most expensive currently priced at $440.

This next-level activity is 28 feet wide when assembled, but happens to break up into 27 destinations — including Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal — each made up of 1,900 pieces each, and packaged in separate bags. But still. What happens if, say, you lose one piece?

If you don’t have the patience to do a puzzle over, um, 100 pieces, you are in good company. Back in March, when the term “shelter in place” was still a bit confounding to the majority of the country, Ellen DeGeneres became the first celebrity to admit total defeat at completing an intricate 4,000-piece puzzle, making us all feel human.

In a series of hilarious Instagram videos, the talk show host went through the motions that most of us do when it comes to a large puzzle. She started with good intentions, turned over “a lot” of pieces, lost a few of them, put together a few of them, and then decided to lounge on the couch instead.

So, our point is, if you feel like a new challenge, by all means, order up the 1,000-piece all-black puzzle. If you don’t, you can try one of these WAY easier family-friendly puzzles instead.

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