20 Best Family Puzzles To Work On Together In 2021

20 Best Family Puzzles You Can Do Together

March 21, 2020 Updated February 24, 2021

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If you’re looking for family puzzles, that’s probably because puzzles have become THE cool thing to do in 2021. Puzzles are back with a vengeance (they never really went anywhere but now we’re super into them), and we’re all about it. In the US, more people enjoy puzzles each year than any other board game. Admittedly, our younger selves thought puzzles were lame. The idea of spending hours trying to fit pieces together to create a picture of a bridge over a pond in a forest surrounded by squirrels was just not a party. (Can you blame us? Hoverboards for kids just became a thing) But, as we all know, kids have transformed us into new people who’ll do anything to spend quiet time with the family (keeping them off of their personal screens and begging us to make more slime). And now, they have us online searching for the best family puzzles.

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Let’s be real, we’re pretty much down for anything that keeps these kids occupied long enough for us to finish the last 15 minutes of Good Girls or to finally tackle that self-waxing project we’ve been needing. Not to mention the problem-solving skills your kids pick up trying to match colors and patterns on those teeny puzzle pieces. Did we mention this was all for family fun? Instead of leaving the kids to their own devices (fighting over pieces, hiding pieces, losing pieces…you get it), you’re all meant to join in on this concentrated fun, whether you’re working on a kid’s puzzles or the world’s biggest puzzle (below).

Puzzles are a great way to incorporate self-care into your day, too. Not just a source of entertainment, putting together puzzles can help to decrease anxiety (for all of you). Plus, if you accidentally step on a few pieces that don’t make it back into their box, you won’t stop and question your entire life as you do after stepping on a Lego.

Here are a few all-hands-on-deck puzzle situations, that’ll get everyone off of their phones to *piece* together a family fun night (#sorrynotsorry).

Best Puzzles for Families

Mudpuppy Little FeministLittle Feminist Puzzle

Family quality time can also be a fun learning experience with this Little Feminist puzzle from Mudpuppy. It feature character version of well known woman in history such as Maya Angelou, Hillary Clinton, and Amelia Earhart. One fellow mama reviewed the puzzle and said, “Adorable and super easy puzzle. As a new mom, it was nice to have an easy puzzle I could do in a couple of hours rather than a puzzle that would sit out on the coffee table. Women on the puzzle are important women in history and acts as a great conversation starter with our kids. Pieces are thick and is good quality.”

$12.73 AT AMAZON

Galison Painted Desert Puzzle, 500 Pieces

This desert-themed puzzle is giving us major 70s art deco vibes. It features over 10 photos in one puzzle, with gorgeous photography of nature mixed in with cool graphics your kids will love. One reviewer said, “This is a pretty easy puzzle because of the words and different plant types that are easy to identify and place. It only took us about a day to finish. Would be great for puzzle beginners or kids.”


Snow Day, 800 Pieces

‘Snow Day’ by Jo Taylor is perfect for times when we’re stuck at home (due to weather or the pandemic) and will keep both you and the kiddos entertained. At 8 x 24 inches, the puzzle comes with 800 pieces, a reusable jar, and puzzle glue if you want to keep it all together when you’re done!


Ravensburger Cozy Retreat 500 Piece Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle

Want to feel extra cozy together during the cold winter season? This “Cozy Retreat” scene puzzle is exactly what we want our living rooms (or cabins, if we’re able to get away) to look like right now.

$18.49 AT AMAZON

Mudpuppy Hello from Around The World

While we’re stuck at home for a little while longer, why not put together a puzzle of all the places we’re excited to visit in the future! This 500 piece puzzle features stamps from all over the world, from Arizona to France to Australia and back.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Best Family Puzzles For Disney Fans 

Ceaco The Disney Dreams Collection 4-in-1

This set comes with with 4 separate puzzles of your favorite Disney characters including Aladdin, Winnie The Pooh, Beauty & The Beast, and The Little Mermaid. One mama reviewed, “Fun puzzles! They each have 500 pieces. My kids and I were able to finish one a week. They are absolutely gorgeous and I feel bad when I take them a part. They are really fun to look st to look at all the details. There are even some surprise details that I love. Even my preschooler has helped with the puzzles. They are not too difficult.”


Ravensburger Disney Frozen II 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Is your child Frozen-obsessed or just you? Either way, this 216-piece 3D puzzle is a magical option for you and your children. Take your puzzle building off of the floor and have your loyal subjects help you to construct this enchanted castle for a royal addition to your kingdom aka your living room. Discover more than 30 scenes from Frozen II taking place in the palace. After it’s assembled, you can keep the sturdy structure on display or take it apart to build it again! Add this family-favorite film to your watchlist on Disney+. If your child has any princess dresses or Disney costumes, you can also pretend to be a part of the kingdom.

$51.20 AT AMAZON

Best Family Puzzle For Hours (And Hours And Hours) Of Entertainment

Gradient Puzzle

This gradient puzzle may take you a while, but luckily it’s nice to look at! With 1000 pieces and every color of the rainbow, you’ll want every member of the family to help you put this one together.


KODAK World's Largest Puzzle - 51,300 Pieces

Puzzle enthusiasts, listen up: Your dream puzzle has arrived. (And if you hate ‘em, well, this might be your worst nightmare.) The entire family will want to get involved in this whopping 51,300-piece puzzle. Touted as “The world’s largest puzzle,” even angsty teens will want to face the challenge of assembling this jigsaw behemoth. The fact that it’s essentially made up of 27 smaller puzzles (under 2,000 pieces each) makes it seem slightly more manageable, since each section features a different wonder of the world. Admittedly, this monster is pricey, but think of the hours of screen-free entertainment, family bonding, and the massive bragging rights you’ll have earned — if it gets finished, that is. Also note you’ll need a lot of room, since it measures 28.5 by 6.25 feet.

“Not for the faint of heart,” one reviewer says. “Even though it is challenging, we have really enjoyed working together as a family to do something few have been able to accomplish.”


Best Family Puzzles With Nature Scenes

Ravensburger Children's World Globe 3D Puzzle

Level-up your puzzle game and blow your kid’s minds with Ravensburger’s 3-D puzzle. You didn’t think puzzles had to stay on the floor, did you? Great for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, this pop-up masterpiece clicks into place with ease, that’s right, no glue required (you’re welcome). Three-dimensional puzzles can take a little more effort than the usual floor puzzles which is why 180 pieces are a pretty good amount to give your kids a challenge without getting too frustrated. The easy-click technology allows the kids to hear the click when pieces fit together. For children having a harder time, on the flip side of the puzzle pieces, there are numbers. With a little counting, your child will have an easier time and the puzzle will start to come together. After building, spend a little time cruising over the world and sneak a geography lesson into your family activity — two birds, one stone.


MasterPieces National Parks Piece Puzzle

Life as a busy mama doesn’t leave much free time to enjoy the great outdoors or visit some of your favorite trails or national parks. Just because you can’t go physically, doesn’t mean you can’t visit virtually. Your junior rangers will enjoy piecing together this puzzle featuring some of their national park animals. No lions or tigers, but there are bears, raccoons, and squirrels. Mama Angie gave it a 5-star review saying, “…My kids really enjoyed this puzzle and we talked about the animals on it.” It’s a nice activity to do before a road trip to a place where you may see these animals lurking. Have your children learn a few facts about each animal — what they eat, where they like to sleep and where they hide in the forest. They can make a list of the animals, and bring it with them the next time they’re exploring the great outdoors.


Mudpuppy Ocean Life Search & Find Puzzle

Take a deep-sea dive into this 2-in-one puzzle. Children will love analyzing each puzzle piece featuring bold colors and beautiful artwork filled with all kinds of sea creatures. Only 64 pieces, putting this puzzle together is only half the battle, the real fun starts after you fit together the last piece. With more than 40 things to find, sit back and watch your kids put their observation skills to the test and search for some of their favorite marine animals. Have them imagine that they’re marine biologists searching for rare species swimming in the deep blue sea. You could create a fake submarine from a box or a laundry basket to add more to this imaginary storyline. After they find each sea creature, they can spend what’s left of their screen time finding out what these ocean dwellers look like in real life. Maybe there’ll be a marine biologist in the fam!

$15.28 AT AMAZON

Best Unconventional Family Puzzles

Galison Cocktail Map of The USA 1000 Piece Puzzle

Is your family full of adults who love a good cocktail? This puzzle is one that they’ll love for the memories and the kids will love for how cool it looks. Guaranteed to teach kids a thing or to about every state! One Amazon reviewer said, “What a fun puzzle. I put this together over a few days, and it was so nice to watch TV or just hang out with friends while putting it together. Plus, it’s informative! Never knew the popular drink of my own state but here we are – knowledge is power.”


The Golden Girls 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have family members who are old enough to remember watching The Golden Girls (or even Golden Girls re-runs), then this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is exactly what you need. Honor Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Dorothy with this quirky set.


540 Colors 3D Puzzle

Want something really outside the box? (Pun obvs intended.) This 540-color 3D globe is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it’s something you can definitely keep as house decor because the finished project will look so magical.


Mudpuppy Outer Space Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle

Blast into space with a glow in the dark puzzle that is out of this world. This colorful puzzle features the artwork of planets, stars, astronauts, spaceships, and more. Field questions about the galaxy to spark your child’s curiosity about the world beyond. How many rings does Saturn have? Why do astronauts float? What else can you find in outer space? This puzzle has won the Family Choice Award and the Tillywig Best Family Fun Award so you know it’s a winner. Theme the evening with a space bedtime story or a special astronaut meal for a night time snack. The finished puzzle measures around 18”x12” so you don’t need to clear off an entire table to complete it. After building with your little aliens, let them use their finished masterpiece as a nightlight for bedtime. You might even get them to be excited about going to sleep. A mom can dream, can’t she?


BIC Geo-Fun Puzzle Activity Kit

What’s better than a new fun puzzle? Try a new fun puzzle that you can create yourself. BIC’s Geo-Fun Color Your Own Puzzle Activity Kit comes with everything you need for hours of family fun. Inside the kit, you’ll find 20 cone coloring pencils, 8 BIC intensity fine liner pens, 4 BIC Gel-Ocity quick-dry gel pens, and four ready-to-color puzzles. With this new twist, your puzzles will be unique to your family. You can use any combination of colors you want or you can even try to use color themes like neon, pastels, or earth tones. You can split up the puzzles, too. Give each group a time limit and come together to present your masterpiece. The piece-ibilities are endless. Not only do you end the night with a project worth framing but now you have a new host of pens and colored pencils to create more family fun art in the future.


Shutterfly Custom Pictogram Puzzle

What better motivation for assembling a scene than seeing your favorite memories take shape? Design a meaningful puzzle on Shutterfly, where you can choose from a bunch of different templates (this “Pictogram” style is a great way to display your best photos from social media) and pick from sizes up to a 20 x 30”, or the equivalent of 1,014 pieces. Not only will this provide problem-solving fun for your own family, it makes a great gift for someone else’s, too.

“The pictures in the puzzle showed up great!” one Shutterfly reviewer says.  “The colors were vibrant, the detail was intact and the puzzle pieces are a sturdy cardboard.” Adds another, “In this day if social distancing, we miss our family. This puzzle was so much fun. It filled our day with memories and kept us busy.”


50% off

Best Nostalgic Family Puzzles

MasterPieces Flashbacks Toyland Jigsaw Puzzle

Take a trip down memory lane with this massive puzzle. Give your kids a history lesson on the classic toys that were a part of your childhood — some of which can still be purchased today. Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chutes and Ladders, Twister and Tiddledy Winks — building this classic board game collage puzzle will introduce your children to a list of vintage games that you can all play together for more family fun activities. Use this puzzle as a starter conversation on the olden days which depending on how old they are, could be just ten years ago. “Bought this for a Christmas gift for my nostalgic wife. The whole family started in on it,” said Amazon reviewer, Rick. “The old games depicted in the puzzle were fun to recall and explain to the kids why they were fun.” Use #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday when posting a photo of the finished project on your social media platforms.


Crazy Candy Puzzle

Got a sweet tooth? You’ll be craving your favorite childhood candies as you put together this scrumptious 1,000-piece puzzle. Both you and your kids will love seeing these sweet treats take shape, and let’s be real, you may want to grab a snack while you’re at it.

“The puzzle was not that easy to complete and seeing all the candy was really cool!” one buyer says. “While putting it together we reminisced abound the candy we remember from our childhood, it has been so fun!” Adds another, “This puzzle was such fun and a great stress reliever. I can see why this one may be hard to keep in stock — order yourself one when you can!”


Still looking for things to keep your kids occupied long enough to wash off yesterday’s makeup? Check out these other toys.

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