11 Ways Teenagers Tell Time –

11 Ways Teenagers Tell Time

Teens, though, have their own way of measuring time. First off, teens today do not even own a watch, unless it’s a watch that’s really a wearable computer. Looking at a clock with numbers and minute and second hands seems foreign to them; fortunately for them, the DVR displays the time digitally, as does their cell phone. Still, even with their electronic devices to guide them in getting things done in a timely manner, they adhere to their own ideas of time. And it’s not pretty.

1. Request: Please clean your room.

Your teen says: Soon.

True timetable: When your teen can no longer open the door without falling into a pile of clothes.

2. Request: Please start studying for that big test.

Your teen says: Okay.

True timetable: Next week, the day of the test, while on the bus to school.

3. Request: Please look up from your cell phone.

Your teen says: In a minute.

True timetable: Five hours from now.

4. Request: Please take the dog out.

Your teen says: Fine.

True timetable: After the dog poops in the living room.

5. Request: Please send thank-yous for the birthday gifts.

Your teen says: Later.

True timetable: Just before your teen’s next birthday.

6. Request: Please close the window, the air conditioner’s on!

Your teen says: Yep.

True timetable: Next winter.

7. Request: Please participate in family game night.

Your teen says: Mmmhmm.

True timetable: When all of your teen’s friends are out of town.

8. Request: Please stop playing that video game.

Your teen says: Yeah.

True timetable: When you unplug the television.

9. Request: Please come out of your room.

Your teen says: Nothing, he can’t hear you with his earbuds in.

True timetable: Three hours later, for dinner.

10. Request: Please put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Your teen says: Sure.

True timetable: Never.

And the biggest challenge of all:
11. Request: Please give me a hug before you head out.

Your teen says: Ewww!

True timetable: When you grab your unsuspecting teen as he’s walking by and put your arms around him. For a second, time really does stand sweetly still.