11-Year-Old Genius Tells College Classmates They Can ‘Email Him’ For Help

by Mike Julianelle
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An 11-year-old taking college science classes offers to help his fellow students

When there’s an 11-year-old kid in your college-level organic chemistry class, it might make you reevaluate some things. At least that’s what’s happening at the University of Toledo. But don’t worry, he’s actually just in high school. At eleven.

As if that makes you feel any better.

Daniel Lu is eleven and has taken calculus and chemistry classes with kids almost 10 years older than him. And offering to help them with their homework.

Lu also received a $10,000 scholarship after winning the White House Science Fair, and has met Bill Nye, who must be wondering if this “science kid” is coming after his turf. Needless to say, the pint-sized prodigy is turning heads on campus, and become something of a celebrity, as evidenced by social media.

He’s too young to have seen “Doogie Howser” but a similar future is already being predicted for young mister Lu.

His impressive accomplishments have fellow students feeling torn between admiration and rueful self-evaluation.

Who can blame them?

When I was eleven, I was probably still eating bugs. Heck, when I was 19 I was probably still eating bugs. Or at least chugging beers. Heck, I turn 40 in two weeks and I haven’t accomplished half of what this impressive little boy has done in a quarter of that time. This kid is hobnobbing with the cognoscenti and turning heads on every walk down the hallway and he hasn’t even hit puberty yet!

He’s already been interviewed by the local TV station (he was actually interviewed as a “science wiz” when he was only ten!), so he knows he’s got something going on, but until he gets on Twitter, he probably won’t know that he’s going viral.

That’s right, despite his beyond-his-years intelligence and increasing celebrity, Daniel is still too young for social media, so he may not fully understand how internet-famous he’s become. Which is probably a good thing.

The last thing we need is for the future of the kid who’s probably going to cure cancer getting derailed by the puppy filter on Snapchat.

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