12 Reasons Why We (Moms) Deserve to Be Celebrated This Year

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As moms, when we ask each other how things are going, the answer is often a casual, “Oh, you know, busy.”

Let’s be honest: before our “current circumstances” we were already doing a lot. Moms always work hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance — or even a life-life balance. But wow. We have really — to use a favorite euphemism — pivoted, haven’t we? We’re wearing not just new hats but entire new ensembles. And we’re even acting like we think they look good!

Teleflora gets it. And their new spot “A Mother’s Love” brings all the feels. Honestly, grab a tissue. Take a minute and get ready for some tears as you think about all we’re doing right now to make sure our families feel loved.

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! Every time I watch it, I think of another mom in my life who’s doing it all and then some. We’re always in there being the real MVPs but this year, more than ever, we deserve a day off and some flowers, don’t you think? If you’re not sure (LOL) here are some reasons we deserve at least one bouquet of fresh flowers this year.

Because We All Just Became Teacher Of The Year

Remember when we all thought we’d be doing “virtual learning” for a week or two? Ah, those were the days.

Because We’re Now CTOs

Overnight we became tech support for an entire company. The staff doesn’t even send friendly emails. They just yell, “MOM! The screen’s frozen again!”

Because We’ve Become Full-Time Entertainers

Even if you never had dreams of being a winner on Star Search, guess what? You’re now the chief entertainment director on this docked cruise ship.

Because We’re Basically Professional “Good Sports”

Your tween wants to try out a makeup tutorial? Congrats — you’re getting a makeover! Kids want to “camp” in the backyard? You get to set up and put away every piece of camping gear available. And you do it all with a sense of humor because that’s what we do.

Because We Make About 47 Snacks Every Day

They never ate this much while they were in school, did they? How is it that they need so. many. snacks??

Because We’re Athletic Directors Now

Thank goodness it’s Spring. Because even when all we want to do is hide under the covers, we’re getting these kids outside for at least a few minutes every single day.

Because Somehow Everyone Is Getting Fed

Grocery shopping has become…interesting. And we’re getting really creative as we find ways to make Top Chef-worthy meals out of a can of beans, gluten-free noodles and a bottle of soy sauce.

Because We Actually Thought We Were Cleaning All The Time Before This

Wow. Between the constant meal prep, the spilled snacks and drinks, the unbelievable mountains of laundry and all the outside time; supervising a cleaning crew is now another one of our full-time jobs.

Because We’re Currently Drive-By Event Planners

Just because we can’t go through with a huge party, birthdays, graduations and new babies are still happening. Somehow we learned overnight how to plan socially-distant celebrations so everyone still gets their special day.

Because We’re Referees

Put more than one kid in a house for more than two hours and there are going to be fights. Add a little extra anxiety and the fighting increases. Guess who’s shutting those fights down?

Because We’re All Part-Time Nurses

Just because we’re all hunkered down, it doesn’t mean there aren’t boo-boos and allergies and sniffles and stomachaches. And we’re still there, kissing it all better.

Because We’re Still Tucking Them In

Even when the news gets to be too much and all we want to do is sink into the couch with some reality TV and a bag of chips, we’re sticking to our routines (mostly) so our kids get to feel that some things don’t change, no matter what.

So yes, we deserve a reward. All the rewards. This year, more than ever, we deserve fresh flowers, a day off and every snack we can get our hands on. Moms are always our unsung heroes, let’s say thank you out loud.

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