Your 13 Week Old Baby’s Development And Milestones

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13 week old baby
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You officially have a 13 week old baby!

This is such a great age, isn’t it? Your 13 week old baby is finally getting interesting – babbling, cooing, smiling – but is still little enough to use as an excuse to get you out of lame stuff (“Oh, I’d love to come to your purse party but, you know, the baby still hasn’t adjusted to the sitter.”)

That beautiful baby brain grows rapidly from birth, and by his first birthday it will have doubled in size. The market is saturated with “learning products” that claim they’ll make him smarter or provide some kind of academic advantage – but the truth is, the only thing that has ever been proven to boost baby’s brain power is simple interaction.

Your 13 Week Old Baby’s Development & Growth Milestones

At this point, he learns through responses: like when he makes a new sound and you get excited, he knows to try it again, or make a different new sound. Flash cards and DVDs don’t respond to his cues, so while they may be cool for him to look at, they’re not doing him the mental favors you’re hoping.

Besides talking, singing, and reading, infant massage is a good way to interact. Pour a little bit of baby oil in your hand, press your palms together to warm it up, and then glide them gently over your baby’s body. You don’t have to know any special techniques – just pay attention to her responses and alter your touch accordingly. It will calm and relax her, improve circulation, and you get to squish on all that delightful baby pudge! Now, if only someone would relish in massaging YOU like that!

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