15 Perfect Names For Virgo Babies

by Rita Templeton
Scary Mommy, Rob Musson/Unsplash and Alexandra Grablewski/ Tetra Images/Getty

Every parent thinks their baby is perfect. But if your baby is born between August 23rd and September 22nd, you might end up with one that’s pretty close to perfect in everyone’s eyes. That’s because you’ll be birthing a little Virgo, the perfectionists of the zodiac, always striving to be the best — and then, to be better than that. (Beyoncé and Keanu Reeves are both Virgos; need we say more?)

Virgo is an earth sign, pragmatic, sensible, and grounded. They thrive on order and organization, and though your little Virgo may prove to be a creature of habit who needs a set routine, you may not need to nag them to keep their room clean later on (fingers crossed!). Virgos are notoriously intelligent, and their sharp thinking and analytic nature may drive you bonkers sometimes — like when they ask you questions you can’t answer, as though you’ve got “Google” written on your forehead — but those qualities will definitely serve them well throughout their lifetime.

Here are a few of our favorite Virgo-perfect baby name picks:

1. Amalia

There’s hardly a zodiac sign more industrious than hard-working Virgo, and Amalia is derived from the Germanic word amal, meaning “work.” It’s a cute, Virgo-specific spin on the popular Amelia!

2. Phoebe

Virgo’s symbol is, of course, the virgin — and while you could name your daughter something like Chastity in homage, we like Phoebe for its less-patriarchal feel: it means “pure.” And if Phoebe is a little too Friends for your liking, try Katherine; it means the same thing, and has a plethora of adorable nicknames to boot (Kate! Kat! Kit! Katy!)

3. Azra

Along the same lines, though decidedly more exotic-sounding than Katherine, we have Azra — it means “virgin” in Arabic.

4. Hermione

This is a Virgo name through and through! Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, and its associated deity is the Greek god Hermes. Hermione is the feminine version of Hermes, which it itself makes it appropriate. But Harry Potter fans will also know that Hermione Granger is pretty much the epitome of a typical Virgoan personality, so it’s doubly fitting!

5. Terra

Literally the Latin word for “earth,” this name is perfect for a sign as deeply rooted as Virgo.

6. Aster

This sign’s symbolic flower is the aster, and for good reason: like Virgos themselves, asters are bright, dependable, and hardy. They’ll grow almost anywhere they’re planted. Plus, the botanical baby name trend is on fire, so this one is a great pick (no pun intended)!

7. Meliora

Remember that trademark Virgo perfectionist streak we mentioned? There’s not a more fitting way to honor that quality than with this name, which means “better.”

8. Emery

Emery is a solid choice no matter what gender your little Virgo identifies with, because it’s a truly unisex name. It comes from the Germanic root name Emmerich, which has combined elements meaning “work,” “brave,” and “ruler.” Emerson is also a possibility!

9. August

Though the majority of Virgo season falls in September, August still has a few Virgos — and so is still an appropriate Virgo name, even if your little one makes their appearance in September. But speaking of September, its diminutive — Ember — could also be an adorable (and pertinent!) choice.

10. Ryder

This name comes from the Old English “ridere,” which means “messenger.” And one of Virgo’s associated deities, Hermes, was the messenger to the gods.

11. Grady

Virgos are known for their proper, pulled-together bearing, which is why this name of Irish origin — meaning “noble” — makes the perfect descriptor.

12. Bruno

A Virgo’s ruling colors are the ones that match its earthy nature: shades of brown and green. This name means “brown,” and could be changed to the feminine variation, Bruna, for a girl. (Or there’s always Chloe, which means “green shoot,” as in an earthy little sprout!)

13. Demetrius

Virgos are born at the height of harvest season, so another of its associated deities is Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. Demetrius means “follower of Demeter,” but there’s also the Roman equivalent, Ceres.

14. George

Of course, no mention of perfect Virgo names would be complete without paying tribute to the earthiest profession of all — and George fits the bill, as it means “farmer!” It has a lovely vintage feel, but is also a contemporary classic (thanks in part to the obsession with royal baby names).

Your Virgo baby might be fastidious and structured, but Virgos are known for getting things done — and doing those things better than anyone else. Plant the seeds, stand aside, and watch your harvest-season baby flourish!

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