20 Hilariously Accurate Tweets That Describe The 'Joys' Of Pregnancy

by Joanna McClanahan
chrissyteigen / Twitter

There are some women who say they love being pregnant. Personally, I don’t believe them.

It’s not that bringing a human into this world isn’t a humbling and incredible process, but it’s filled with not-so-magical moments.

Exactly which part of pregnancy did you enjoy the most? The nausea? The constipation? The heartburn that required you to keep a bottle of Tums in every room? The noxious gas that leaks from your body that could probably kill a small animal?

I was miserable during both pregnancies. I felt sick and swollen and HOT all the time. They say pregnant women glow, but now I’m pretty sure that’s just the shine reflecting off our constant layer of sweat.

Luckily the hilarious parents of Twitter understand the so-called joys of pregnancy and all that comes with it.

It all starts with a joke:

Then the test:

Then the good test:

Then the real proof:

Then the food cravings:

And pregnant women crave a lot of food:

After all, we are eating for the baby too:

And have double the attitude:

As the months go by, you get more uncomfortable:

Especially when that baby starts tap-dancing on your bladder:

In fact, you mostly just cry and pee now:

So. Much. Crying.

And everyone you meet has zero chill:

And your own chill factor is in the negative:

Because pregnancy sucks:

Although it’s the part after pregnancy that’s the hardest:

And labor is no walk in the park:

And after a few weeks with a new baby, you realize how good you had it:

After a few months, you’re ready to take on some different struggles:

And after a few years, you straight up warn others what’s in store for them:

Pregnancy is amazing and, in the end, is completely worth all of the gross and uncomfortable side effects that come with it.

And even though it sucks sometimes, you still get to eat for two for 9 months. And that’s pretty fucking awesome.