20 Tweets For People Who F*cking Love Swearing

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @tbhjuststop

I love swearing. I used to cuss in front of my friends in high school. Lots of people told me that I talked like a sailor, or that my language wasn’t ladylike. But now I’m a grown-ass woman and I can swear all I want to:

Bitch face.


Shit nuggets.

See? It’s pretty fucking liberating.

And I understand that some people think these words are “bad” or “inappropriate.” But to me, they’re as fun as they are flexible. Need “fuck” to be a noun? Sure, how many fucks do you have left? An adjective? Of fucking course. A verb? You bet there’s been plenty of fucking going on.

These aren’t “bad” words, so much as they are “adult” words. And they bring me joy, so I will continue to swear as much as I fucking want to in the new year. Here are some funny tweets from people who understand this obsession with swearing.

First, for the people who think women shouldn’t swear:

Then there are the people who don’t swear at all, compared to me:

Even when I tell myself I probably shouldn’t:

And I even cuss when people ask me not to cuss, because this is just who I am:

Swearing is just part of my personality:

But I’ve learned to own it:

Besides, like I said, there’s nothing quite as versatile as the word “fuck”:

But I’ve learned to control it when I need to:

At least most of the time:

Okay, at least some of the time:

Swearing is essentially a reflex for a lot of people:

Especially since the world is a giant dumpster fire right now:

But swearing doesn’t mean that we don’t want people to be kind:

In fact, we’re some of the most honest, loyal fuckers that you’ll ever meet:

And yes, some of us even swear in front of our children:

If you don’t understand why, then you probably don’t have kids:

But we don’t like to be told what we should or shouldn’t say around our kids:

No matter what they might pick up along the way:

The rest is trial and error, really:

But the takeaway is the same:

It’s a choice to be offended by people cussing, and those are typically the same people who could use more swear-therapy in their lives. So my advice is to embrace the colorful creativity of swearing, because you might learn to love it.

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