Your 26 Week Old Baby


Your 26 Week Old Baby

Peek-a-Boo… Times a Million

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 26


Now that she’s well into the seventh month, you’ve probably noticed that your baby has a penchant for all things peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, and maybe even hide-and-seek as well (might want to check her playpen for those missing keys, mama). It’s also around this time that she has fully developed what’s known as “object permanence,” or the understanding that when things go away, they aren’t gone for good, something that games such as peek-a-boo help to reinforce.

These baby classics aren’t the only games she’s interested in, though. Besides sucking every last bit of energy out of your tired and weary soul, baby is also a natural at things like throwing a ball or the ever-so-fun game of tossing things off her high chair and delighting in you picking them back up — repeatedly. As annoying as that can be, don’t wish away these moments just yet. They really are the things you’ll look back on with fondness.

Along with her newfound love of games comes her need to show them off to people in public. Just remember that babies, even at this age, are still more susceptible to illness and infection than other children and adults. While it’s good to encourage baby’s social interaction, it’s also good to remind strangers to keep their hands and mouths off your baby —  babies are kissing and manhandling magnets, and some people simply can’t help themselves. Don’t feel the least bit bad about telling them to back the hell off, buttercup.


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