Seven Month Old Baby

Your Seven Month Old Baby

Whether your baby is scooting, rolling, crawling, pulling or some funky signature move of his own, chances are he’s not spending much time sitting still these days. Of course, that means one thing: Neither are you! (Unfortunately, this somehow doesn’t result in a newly svelte self.)

Your Seven Month Old Baby

Baby-proofing with a newborn is completely unnecessary since no infant is going to get into electrical outlets or kitchen cabinets. Your seven month old, on the other hand? Hello, disasters everywhere waiting to happen. You’ll definitely want to spend time now making your house as safe as possible.

Your baby should be strong enough now to hold himself up on his legs while supported. The more you offer support and help him take steps, the sooner he’ll be walking – and then quickly running – on his own.

Seven month olds love to play. Unfortunately, they love to play the same games over and over and over again. So get used to classics like peekaboo and pat-a-cake… there’s a reason why they’re classics!

Repetition won’t be limited to classic games. Your baby will likely discover the joys of throwing things on the ground, watching you pick them up and then throwing them again. And again and again. While you will tire of this activity instantly, your baby will find it simply hysterical, and you, doing anything for a laugh, will oblige. This is reason number 3,981 why mothers go crazy.

Scary Mommy Tip: At seven months, you may be dealing with the throes of separation anxiety. No matter how important your outing is, your baby screaming and crying will plague your every thought making you feel guilty for even one minute of alone time. Don’t get sucked into never leaving your baby or you’ll be completely miserable. Being separated is important for both of you.

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