Your 28 Week Old Baby


Your 28 Week Old Baby

How are YOU Feeling?

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 28


Your baby’s emotional development is in overdrive! Whether it seems like it or not, she can pick up on your emotional cues, and that includes everything from excitement to sadness. If you’re still suffering from postpartum anxiety or depression, baby is now in tune with those feelings and it’s important to remember that there’s help — you’re not alone.

You can foster baby’s emotional development by showering her with affection and basking in those smile-fests and bonding sessions. And don’t forget to enjoy a good laugh or 20 with her. Babies love to giggle and squeal at your silliness, so might as well milk it before she finds you less hilarious than she does embarrassing (I’m looking at you, teenagers).

Thinking of taking baby on more public outings? If you’re going on a long shopping spree or taking him out to eat at a restaurant, be sure you’re prepared. He’s going to need to be entertained lest he have a Code Red meltdown before the main course has even arrived! Bring some of his favorite foods and toys from home, and be sure you have enough to rotate throughout your excursion. Expect him to become easily bored; the more things you have on hand to occupy his time, the less likely you’ll be to swear off venturing into public and lock yourself in the house until he’s 18.



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