This 3-Year-Old's Reason For Cutting Her Own Hair Totally Makes Sense

by Maria Guido

We’ve all done this, haven’t we? Just sort of assumed that we could cut our own hair, when we had absolutely no business doing it? How hard could it be?

This little girl is all of us:

Three-year-old Ansleigh gave herself an epic haircut, and her parents caught the aftermath on video. Her dad asks, “Why did you cut your hair?” She tearfully replies, “Because Jessica cuts it.” Dad points out “but Ms. Jessica went to school to learn how to cut hair.” Ansleigh says, “But I want to learn how to do it, too. I was just practicing today.”

She’s heartbroken.

Ansleigh, we feel you. We really do.

Who among us can say we’ve never tried to give ourselves bangs, because “how hard could it be?” Bangs are nothing compared to the epic do Ansleigh pulled off. A mullet? That’s not just a simple trim, that’s reaching for the stars:

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was, “If you’re going to fail, fail big.” The sweetest part of the video is that it ends with a smile.”Your hair will grow again,” her dad says. “You better not cut it again when you’re little… we’ll get you some scissors when you get bigger.”