Hero Mom Makes Different Costumes For Her Kids Every Day In October

by Christina Marfice
Images via Instagram/Meegan Bibel

There is no lack of Halloween spirit in this family

You think you’ve got Halloween spirit? Trust, you’ve got nothing on Meegan Bibel and her family.

Bibel is a mom from Salem, New Hampshire. She loves both Halloween and movies, so to usher in October, she dressed her two kids, two-year-old Rowan and seven-month-old Wyatt, as Pennywise and Georgie from IT. The result was both this adorableness and a crazy idea.

Bibel decided she would celebrate the season by dressing Rowan and Wyatt in different themed costumes and staging a photo shoot for every single day of October. Yes, that’s kind of an insane commitment. Yes, she did it anyway. Welcome to day number 30, and she has stuck to her word.

Most of the costumes are movie themed, nods to Bibel’s love for Hollywood. Like this hilarious reenactment of Raising Arizona.

Or this iconic 101 Dalmatians duo.

Or Charlie Brown.

Or X-Men.

If your only question right now is “How the heck does she have time for this?” well, you’re not alone.

“A lot of people have asked me how I found the time to do this, and I tell them it’s pretty simple if you just re-allocate all the hours you normally spend on housework, food shopping, and self care to costume design,” she told Buzzfeed.

Well, making adorable costumes for your kids sure beats the heck out of housework and food shopping, so we’re on board.

Oh, and as for how she gets a toddler and an infant to dress up and pose every day? Her Instagram stories reveal plenty of bribery with iced tea and popsicles.

Some of the costumes are simpler, like this Risky Business reenactment.

Or this Napoleon Dynamite scene with the hair added in post-production, because who has that many teeny wigs lying around?

Others are crazy elaborate, like the Peter Pan scene, complete with London’s skyline

Or Jason Voorhees, posed ominously in the woods with some spooky fog rolling in.

Some are even extra spooky, like Rowan as Stephen King’s Carrie, complete with the prom tiara, totally distraught expression, and fake blood.

And then there’s Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. Enough said.

Bibel has posted the entire collection on her Instagram, (and even has a story highlight of some behind-the-scenes goodies from the entire month) so you can check them all out. Only one question remains: How will she top all of this on the final day of the challenge? We’ll definitely be following her so we can see.