33 Reasons Moms are Late


I was never an incredibly punctual person, but but becoming a parent has put a whole new spin on my excuses for being late to meetings, school, parties and appointments. Back in the day, I was late because of the normal stuff, you know, my hair didn’t look just right, my alarm clock didn’t go off, there was traffic on 95… Now, between me barely keeping my head on straight and my kids being out of their minds, my excuses look more like this:

Sorry I’m late but …

1. My daughter’s socks hurt, or as she likes to put it, her socks “hate her.”

2. Both my children had to poop as soon as we left the driveway.

3. I couldn’t find my keys … they were in my pocket.

4. My kids were fighting over who got to sit in which seat.

5. My son decided to wrestle with the dog rather than simply walk out the door, so we had to clean the fur off of his clothes, but I couldn’t find the lint roller, so I had to fashion one from masking tape and MacGyver it off.

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6. All of a sudden, none of their shoes seemed to have a mate. NONE.

7. It seemed like a good time for one of them to ask where babies come from.

8. There was a wardrobe malfunction that led to wet underwear and a much-needed, last-minute bath.

9. My son skinned his knee on the way to the car.

10. My kids got suddenly parched, which led to drinks, which led to snacks. So, we’re here to meet you for lunch, but frankly, no one is hungry.

11. No one heard me say “it’s time to go,” even though I said it 20 times … at various volumes.

12. My daughter decided this would be a good time to have a meltdown over something that happened hours ago. Did I say hours? I meant days.

13. My kids were fighting over who the dog loves more.

14. It seemed like a good time for one of them to ask about puberty.

15. I couldn’t find my phone… it was in my hand.

16. My son got a fever on the way to the car.

17. My dog, who had just gone out, decided to pee on the floor.

18. My son found the dog pee… with his foot.

19. My kids were fighting over what radio station I would get stuck listening to.

20. My son remembered that he forgot to do his homework.

21. It seemed like a good time for one of them to ask me about homosexuality.

22. My daughter changed 13 times until she felt she found an outfit that said, “I’m fashionable, but not so chic that I can’t meet someone for fro yo.”

23. My kids bumped heads getting into the car.

24. My son’s elbow hurt.

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25. My kids were fighting over whose tongue is longer.

26. My daughter decided that an old cut needed to be re-cleaned and re-bandaged. We couldn’t find the cut, as it had basically healed, so we cleaned and bandaged where we thought it once was.

27. I couldn’t find my glasses… they were on my head.

28. My daughter wanted to draw this picture for you. You better love it.

29. A stuffed animal that hasn’t been played with in months was noticed to be missing as we exited the house. Lost signs needed to be made, the milk carton people needed to be alerted and we ransacked our home to find it.

30. My son fell out of the car while getting into the car.

31. I couldn’t find one of my kids, he/she was waiting in the car.

32. My daughter realized she forgot to put on underwear and she was in a skirt.

33. My daughter’s fingernail was itchy.

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Jenny Isenman AKA Jenny From the Blog is the humorist behind The Suburban Jungle. A card carrying Gen Xer and columnist at Huff Po and The Stir, her goal is to you keep herself sane and to teach dolphins to read. She is failing at both. Join the insanity on Facebook and Twitter.

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Steph @MisplacedBrit 4 months ago

Hahaha!! What is it about snatching toothbrushes covered with toothpaste!! WHY do they do it! It ALWAYS gets up on their clothes, and sprays some wall/ door/ other person in the process!
I feel your pain! :-)

Steph @MisplacedBrit 4 months ago

This post is FANTASTIC, I actually have tears rolling down my face I’m laughing so hard!!!
Absolutely spot on, fantastic 😀

Jhanis 5 months ago

OMG. So true! Ugh!

Kayo 6 months ago

That’s a subtle way of thkinnig about it.

Kathryn McGirr 6 months ago

I am crying from laughing! I was routinely 10 minutes early before I had my son. Now I am routinely 10 minutes late – always.

Robbie 6 months ago

Child # 2 – that’s funny

Robbie 6 months ago

My X (X marks the evil spot) can walk out the door with the 3 kids & he has a winter coat, hat, gloves & boots & the kids have on summer clothes or sandals & no coats or a light jacket. They walk off leaving every thing behind! Oh my god – if YOU need a coat & boots so do THEY. They also need to bring their backpack, lunch box & homework when they go to school from YOUR house!!!

Robbie 6 months ago

Use clothes pins & pin/clip them together. Life saver & time saver

Robbie 6 months ago

Oh My God – the touching – he constant touching. My kids bicker about he’s breathing my air, she’s breathing on me, he’s looking at me, she’s thinking mean things!!!!! argggggg – no wonder my hair is falling out!

WonderMommy 7 months ago

my niece says “grown ups wipe poop!” at the top of her lungs, no matter where she is, just to let her mom know she’s done. lol

Dina 7 months ago

OMGosh… Thank you for the good laugh! I can completely relate. Thank you for your fun posts. Good to know that those women who look so put together share the same challenges!

Lynne 7 months ago

Or how about, my son decided under no circumstances was he getting his teeth brushed this morning so decided to grab the toothpaste covered toothbrush out of my hand where of course it landed on his clean black trousers. Cut to me running around frantically trying to see if I can get away with nor ironing another pair (that’s if I’ve actually gotten round to washing them yet) all the while trying desperately not to scream “YOU LITTLE F***!!!” Yes I’m a horrible mother

Elva Roberts 8 months ago

Being a mom, grandmother and great grandmother, I fully sympathize with you. I do not think that anyone, who is not a parent, could identify with your reasons or even think they are true. I do. Thank you for making me realize that I have not been alone in this world of parenthood and reasons that don’t really make sense.

Liz 8 months ago

Sounds like your kids are either older or are terrified to act out. Some of us are strict but still let our kids be children.

That Mama Chick 8 months ago

“My son fell out of the car getting into the car.” That one got me!

My kid. All day.

Georgia Lucero 8 months ago

I couldn’t stop laughing, made my day! Could see this happening as I read this, absolutely loved it! Thanks for posting!

Bridget 8 months ago

This is a place for Moms to come and commiserate comfortably. A lot of our children’s fathers are wonderful and loving people, but for one reason or other, tend to leave the bulk of the parenting to Mom. Kids very frequently behave better and more carefully with anyone who isn’t constantly filling the role of caregiver. This is a thing that happens to a lot of people and is not some kind of proof of bad parenting. Instead of telling us to do a better job here in our place of relaxation and commiseration about the job that we do work so hard at every day, why don’t you go find scarydaddy or whatever for Dad’s and complain about us there.

Bridget 8 months ago

How orderly and behaved were they before they were in school? This is a place for Moms to come and commiserate comfortably. A lot of our children’s fathers are wonderful and loving people, but for one reason or other, tend to leave the bulk of the parenting to Mom. Kids very frequently behave better and more carefully with anyone who isn’t constantly filling the role of caregiver. This is a thing that happens to a lot of people and is not some kind of proof of bad parenting. Instead of telling us to do a better job here in our place of relaxation and commiseration about the job that we do work so hard at every day, why don’t you go find scarydaddy or whatever for Dad’s and complain about us there.

Bron 8 months ago

I had to squeeze into the kids, yellow rain cover at niagara falls because my daughter would only wear a blue adult one. She told me that yellow is not her colour. She’s six…!

Jeannette Tomilson 8 months ago

Hehehe – 29 is too cute

Jennifer Osso 8 months ago

What about the friends that show up 10min early for everything. Like a birthday party or dinner. For some reason that annoys the shit out if me more than my casually late friends. lol

Michelle A. Cropper 8 months ago

Seriously, number six seems to happen a lot. I get my kids stuff ready ahead of time at night, and I even bought a shoe rack so I know where their shoes are, but my 20 month old seems to be in the habit of hiding his sneakers. There is no school bus to come pick up my daughter, so I have to drive her in to school every morning and pick her up every afternoon. No matter how early we would get up, we would end up being a little late. Finally, I had it and started keeping an extra pair of his shoes in the van. Are we still always on time? No, but if we are late, I call the classroom and let her teacher know we’re on our way in.

Kristina Emmert 8 months ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one that hAs sock issues with my kids.!

Alyssa Crowe 8 months ago

Soooooooo true!!!!

Ashley Anderson 8 months ago

#2 happened with both kids today before we left for nana’s. #31 happend Christmas Eve.

Lucy Egginton 8 months ago

And the bandaging of invisible boo boos drives me loopy!

Lucy Egginton 8 months ago

Oh the socks!!

Shauna Correia 8 months ago

lol yes, every day.

Nita Bo-bita 8 months ago

Being perpetually late is rude.

Cari Ann Perry 8 months ago

This was obviously written for parents of older kids but my 2.5 year old has started to refuse to get dressed. And I mean we start an hour before we need to be somewhere but somehow I still end up tackling him to the ground and pinning him down to get him dressed. Which means we have been late quite a bit recently :) No perfect momma at this house!

Cretia Luck Simonson 8 months ago

I find it interesting that so many of you claim to be early or exactly on time while toting your 4+ kids around. I’m sure your houses are immaculate and your lives are super scheduled.

I’m sorry, it’s not a contest. I try to be on time and most of the time we are…sometimes we are not…it happens….relax.

Christy Whelan 8 months ago

#6- the shoes!

lizz 8 months ago

My son didn’t want to wipe his own butt today because he was”tired of always having to wipe his butt.” Kid, you have No. Clue.

Lianda Jane 8 months ago

Seat belt tantrums are my worst!

Laci Duke 8 months ago

Is the great “Elsa costume is not an outfit” debate on there or is that just my house?

Cindy Orsolits 8 months ago

I’ve found that when I’m late, it’s usually because I’m going somewhere, or to do something that I really have no desire to do…. or I was the one to pick up the slack for all the crap my ex didn’t want to do as we were supposed to be heading out the door.

Brooke Borgman Gale 8 months ago

All of the above.

Caitlin Wright Pryce 8 months ago

It never fails…one shoe is always missing. Seriously drives me insane.

Michelle Davis Stute 8 months ago

Lmbo! That’s my life! Had a couple happen today!

Shaye Boucher 8 months ago

So because we value other’s time and are respectful, we are “haters” and should “lighten up”?!?! Excuses are just that: excuses. Yes, we have all probably been late at some point. Yes, this was a comedic piece. But honestly it’s my husband who usually makes me late. Not my kids. Plan ahead. Make spouse do #2 before get kids’ coats on. 😉 I hate being late. It’s rude!

Nicole Navarro 8 months ago

Like 12 of these. Today.

Carey Hart-less 8 months ago


Jessy Yzquierdo 8 months ago

Lol ugh story of our lives

Ruth Trigwell 8 months ago

I am late for everything. All the time. If you don’t like it, don’t invite me! Or, do what my friends do and tell me the start time is half an hour before it really is. Then the chances are, i’ll only be about 15 minutes late.
If i’m ever early i’m the one complaining i’m wasting my time…

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

And yes, I was late, WITHOUT GUILT, when she fell out of the van. It was in front of her daycare. I was not about to drop her off while she’s screaming at the top of her lungs because she hit forehead to concrete and grew a goose egg between the driveway and the door. I sat and held her until she was calm and I knew she was OK.

Olivia Martinez 8 months ago

I do have it good!!!

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

If that’s the most disturbing thing in your life, you’ve got it good.

Beth Rose 8 months ago

Agreed! I have 3 kids and am almost always on time. Of course things occasionally come up that are beyond our control, but consistant lateness means better planning is needed.

Kristen Hamilton 8 months ago

It’s not about whether or not it bothers you, Noelle. It bothers other people who have to wait for you. When you show up late, it tells the people who are waiting for you that your time is more valuable than theirs, and that is rude.

Alyssa Tinsley 8 months ago

I flip out about being late…major anxiety. So, I just can’t do it!! I’d rather sit in the parking lot and wait versus be late.

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

In my home, it’s cat barf.

Denise Field 8 months ago

YUP! Heard these, and the MANY variations.

Danielle Koser 8 months ago

None! Our family philosophy is if you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late you shouldn’t even bother! Promptness is a virtue!

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

My daughter has fallen from the van, fallen on her way to the van, and she has clung with superman like strength to the back seat of the van, making it impossible to drag her to the middle row and force her into her seat. The Times I have actually gotten her in the seat, it has taken 10 minutes just to get her strapped in.

Taris Harlow 8 months ago

I actually had to call into work once bc as I was leaving my son puked down the inside of my shirt… Got cleaned up and was glad I worked for a company where the owner had 6 kids lol.

Tara Marie Ryan 8 months ago

I just snorted my wine out of my nose. Don’t judge. It’s been one of”those” days!

Kerry Dugan Mayo 8 months ago

Ah, yes, here comes the calvary, making excuses for their own inability to read a damned clock by claiming others think they are “perfect”. Try to follow along here- this article is about being late, and reasons why moms can be late. PERPETUAL lateness is not funny. I’ve got my own issues with other things in life as a parent, so believe me, I’m not perfect. But I’m on time :)

Sharice Green 8 months ago

Hmmm wonder how many of you perfect mommy’s be on the confessional board complaining

Noelle Donnelly Capuzzi 8 months ago

100% agree

Olivia Martinez 8 months ago

It’s really disturbing when people are late.

Leslie Lewis 8 months ago

I love trying to get out the door on time, then 7 year old decides her shirt is to itchy to wear. Her socks don’t feel right.

Sharice Green 8 months ago

This is scary mommy not pintrest mommy….lighten up people

Charnae Decker 8 months ago

LOL sooooo accurate! Right, Adam!?!?

Kerry Dugan Mayo 8 months ago

I don’t need a cookie. Do you need a drink to take the edge off your own attitude? I am not a morning person, to this day. I just happen to hate it when people use their kids as a reason why they are late to everything. Crap happens once in a while. But being perpetually late is selfish and it sets a bad example for your kids.

Jennifer Thiele 8 months ago

Omg haters it’s a.joke.

April Lamkin 8 months ago

Do you want a cookie or something for being able to handle something a little better than most?? For being able to become a morning person?? Jeez, talk about sitting up on that pedestal…-_-

Becky Whitton 8 months ago

& anything else kids can decide is wrong or needs to be done RIGHT NOW lol

Noelle Donnelly Capuzzi 8 months ago

Wow. You are all really uptight about this. I am a mom of four and often running behind and it doesn’t really bother me at all. There are a few things that are a must to be prompt for, but overall 10 minutes doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of life! This was meant to be humorous. Sheesh.

April Lamkin 8 months ago

Lmfao #30!

Alicia Renee Sparks 8 months ago

I can relate to some of these. I’m rarely late (and most of the time when I am I don’t even HAVE my kids), but we still get out the door JUST on time because of some of these excuses lol

Kerry Dugan Mayo 8 months ago

Being late once in a while is one thing- that happens. But being perpetually late? Stop using your kids as an excuse for it. That’s all on you. I’ve got 4 kids, and for several years (when they were much younger than they are now) I was essentially a single parent while my husband worked out of the country most of the time. I had NO help every morning, and yet I managed to get them to school a few minutes early. I got to work on time. It’s called getting your ass out of bed early and getting crap done. I hated it, I wanted to roll over every day and ignore the alarm. But that’s not teaching my kids to be responsible. Add in that on the rare occasions we were late, it upset them. As it should.

Kim Ernst 8 months ago

I know!! Its just plain rude. Things happen occasionally but nope, not an excuse.

Anna Moore 8 months ago

#30! Love it

Miranda Windham 8 months ago

I leave my house about 30-45 minutes earlier than I have to just so I’m not late. Parenthood is not an excuse to be late. It’s not like 4 children just appeared in your house overnight. You know they are there and will need lunches, clothes and 2 hours to whine and cry about getting ready.

Julie Pixton 8 months ago

I understand this was supposed to be funny but as a single mom of five, I prefer to plan for all of the crazy, unavoidable things that kids do and still arrive on time. And still laugh at life!

Lynnette Panarra 8 months ago


Amy Renee Buckey 8 months ago

I have five kids and I’m expecting number six! Being late is not an option for us! We plan ahead and get there ahead of time or on time! :)

Kristina Wilson Cargile 8 months ago

Story of my life!

Jennifer Long Thompson 8 months ago

Cute reasons but still no excuse. Being late is your fault.

Serra Brindley 8 months ago

I HATE being late with a passion, always have. There are a few times where I am a few minutes late and it drives me insane up the wall, but things happen sometimes. Other than that I’m always early at least 10 if not 20 minutes early!

Kalli Maurer 8 months ago

These excuses are great! I am a single mom of three kiddos and I totally can relate and have used these incidences when being late but honestly if I am late it’s cuz I really didn’t want to be where I was suppose to be anyways. Lol

Lisa Shevin 8 months ago

Really guys, this is supposed to be amusing. I am a prompt person, so I am very rarely late even with 7 kids, but I still chuckled at the list

Kelsie Kelly 8 months ago

Honestly I find my childless friends and family are often the late ones!

Jayme Quick 8 months ago

The ones about losing things that are not lost? That’s my life. No matter how early you start out, you can’t leave without keys.

Melissa Geralyn 8 months ago

I think this article was supposed to be funny and I’m confused as to why some people are taking it so damn seriously. Lighten up!! Geez….

Erin Crittenden Shea 8 months ago

I really thought I would get nailed for this comment!! lol

Trace O’Higgins 8 months ago

Lmao…the dog pee! Or, in our dog’s case today…poop. 30 seconds after coming in.

Erin Crittenden Shea 8 months ago

Exactly!! I get up plenty early to get everyone ready, out the door, and where we need to be! My parents raised my brother and me to be prompt.

Cindy McDaniel Gilliard 8 months ago

I’m with you. I have four kids and am never late. You have to give yourself extra time for these kinds of things!

Lisa Waldorf 8 months ago

Being a parent is NOT ever a good reason to be late!

Rachael Elizabeth Ward 8 months ago

9 have actually happened to me.

Tamara Griffin Fay 8 months ago

I can claim none. We are never late. Being late is rude and avoidable by some simple planning. I’m the mom of 4 girls ages 10, 9, 9 and 5. I feel that teaching them how to show others respect by being on time is very important.

April M Whalen 8 months ago

I have three kids . 4-5 and 6.. and this happens a lot! :/

Erin Crittenden Shea 8 months ago

I have four kids, and I’m always on time but usually early. I hate being late. Yes, things happen. But I can’t stand when people use parenthood as a reason for lateness. Especially when it’s all the time.

Aimee 9 months ago

One of the best posts ever! The sock one has happened to us. I even ordered $7 a pair socks that had no seam because they bothered her feet. I have also experienced 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 11, (lots of 11), 15, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30 & 32.

Sadly, 32 actually didnt get noticed until we were already at the playground and I made her get down from the high playset she was climbing.

I love those kids! My life would be boring without them!

Autumn 10 months ago

Thankful it isn’t just me!!!! Even though mine’s 11, there are still plenty of “need a check” or “sign this” or “I NEED a red shirt for today!” things to wreak havoc… LOL

Kyra 10 months ago

My favorite was the day we were late for church because my then six year old had a melt down. Why? Because I had ironed his pants and his shirt and they were warm and toasty, I had failed however, to iron his socks. Silly me! As God is my witness, that van did not move until that boy had disrobed and had his socks steam pressed. He is 14 now……and I am sure his future bride will curse me under her breath.

RvnclwMom 10 months ago

# 2. Every. Single. Time.

Michelle 11 months ago

This made me LOL!! I have a daughter EXACTLY like that!! We have been late for most of those reasons and many more… Unless you’re a Mom (not Dad, at least in my house), you will never understand! Thanks so much for sharing. After a stressful, running around like a chicken with my head cut off kind of morning, this made me smile! :)

kate in seattle 12 months ago

I actually had to call in a sick at work because I could not find my key’s, ANYWHERE! I ripped everything apart, the entire apartment was dismantled, no keys. When/where were they eventually found? Hanging out of the front door knob the next day, outside…Manic!

kate in seattle 12 months ago

I enjoyed this article because it made me laugh, and remember back in the day when it was MY turn to mommy. I loved being a mommy until she became pre-pubescent, and then it all went to Hell in a handbasket!!

She is grown, and we have gone our separate ways, thankfully. So, I am done. Been there, done that, DONE. And with no grand kids in my future, I think I am home free.

Sorry I’m such a wet blanket, but at least I am honest.

I love babies and lil kids, but teenagers?? Not so much…

I have 2 12 months ago

Are you my (soon to be “ex”) husband?

Kim 1 year ago

Exactly! #6 made me snort my coffee! I actually made my son wear a pair of his flip flops that we were finally able to locate only because I suddenly recalled throwing them in the trash can because the dog ate part of one. He had two other pairs of flip flops and sneakers which could NOT be located anywhere and we had five minutes to get to the dr office left. He went in wearing a half eaten pair of shoes but we made it! Ha

Daddyo 1 year ago

I am a single dad by the way. Loved, loved, loved this article, but some of the snarky comments are a fail, especially this one about how kids never act up for the “big scary daddy who only has the kids for one hour a month”. Guess what? I have the kids ALL the time and they don’t act up for me either. You see, I don’t let them. Yeah its a struggle sometimes, but in the long run its better for everyone. But all the other stuff we have happen because they’re KIDS. And for the other snarky comments that dads must be beating their kids or not letting them have any fun – you wish. Maybe you’re just feeling threatened because some men can parent better than you can? My kids get to have fun, act silly, make a mess (and clean up) and in general have a good time – while also getting on the AB honor roll – and behaving. And yes, I don’t have any respect for their mom. You see, she had a breakdown and ran off with a foreigner and now lives far away. The details are really too bizarre for this forum and some days I still can’t believe it myself. That’s okay, my girlfriend is smart, funny, affectionate, …and motherly, among many other great traits, and I look forward to her being my wife – and a great one.

Rosanna 1 year ago

Thank you! This is great to hear and it needed to be stated! I am rather strict, but I comfort my kids when needed. I spend so much time fussing and yelling (because they hear nothing when I say things in a normal tone 3 or 4 times). I am by no means a “pushover”; however, my kids are much more irritable, whinny, dramatic, sometimes down right mean with me more than anyone else! They do it with there dad who is as equally strict as I am; but, definitely not to the extreme of how they are with me.

B 1 year ago

Missed a wedding because my son threw up all over me and himself as we were walking out the door..

Kay Massey 1 year ago

Now, finally a Grandma at 67, son is 40. Every stinkin’ morning that child had a SOCK issue….the sewn ridge on the toes of them HURTED his toes. Ended up turning them inside out after several months of that sheit….all those things never go away. And BTW…Look up Ninja Jacks and then tell me how bad it hurts to step on a block! LOLOL

Erin 1 year ago

I have 4 kids and my 2 youngest give me the worst time leaving. I get my 4 year-old ready to go and my 2 year-old is taring up something. I get her ready and my 4 year old spills something down the front of her. So I change her and then my 2 year old is naked! Back to get her ready before my 4 year old gets something on her clothes! It makes me crazy! I love this. I think I can relate to just about all of them :) Thanks for the laugh!

Diana 1 year ago

Ah, but my kids will attempt to untie them themselves and then we’ll still have a big time suck while I unknot three pairs of shoes…as I type, I am remembering that I need to find a shoe mate to my youngest son’s brand new pair of sneakers that Grandma bought him for school…preferably before school starts in 11 days…

Jessica 1 year ago


Jessica 1 year ago

I agree. Getting ready to leave and getting out of the door is a breeze (most of the time)! But when my husband decides to take them out whether it’s to meet me at work for lunch or whatever, they are guaranteed to be at least 2 hours behind schedule.
It’s funny how even when he’s there with me, trying to help to get them ready and into the car, it’s more chaotic than when I’m alone getting them ready to go!

Shay 1 year ago

This whole list made me laugh….some days I swear it’s just me!! Soooooo glad to know that I’m not alone!!

I lost my keys Wednesday (they fell between the couch cushions onto the floor) and then again Sunday (YES….THEY WERE IN MY POCKET #3)!!

Today my 6 year old had an absolute meltdown because she didn’t want to eat summer day camp food because it “tastes horrible”….even though she hadn’t tried it yet. This all comes after the fact that I had just taken her to the store yesterday and asked her if she wanted me to get her something else to eat to which she told me, “No”. Then she proceeds to fall out getting into the car #30 (which is actually not that odd for her though she usually falls out getting out). As I’m picking her up I look around for my 8 year old, who was right behind us when I opened the front door but who is now back inside the house #2ing!!

Wouldn’t trade it for the world though…..some days are challenging but EVERY day is a blessing!! Thanks for the chuckle!!

Mom of 5 1 year ago

My husband told me that I had to “stay with them and ‘make’ them do what I asked. In other words, hound them all day long. Ha, ha. With 5 children that’s all I would have had time to do all day. He was with them maybe a full hour a day before he left for work and before they went to bed.

Michelle 1 year ago

Really!?! Maybe you could just try laughing at the humor in life just because you are perfect doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be and no one is always late and just coming up with an excuse most of the time people manage to be on time but every now and then something crazy and unexpected comes along and causes you to be late. This in no way means that you don’t value other peoples time it just means you are not a robot.

Michelle 1 year ago

#32 is my life!!!! My oldest (7 1/2) for some reason never remembers to put underwear on I have no idea why she remembers socks and they are in the same drawer. I have gotten in the habit of checking my daughter everyday to make sure she put underwear on so thankfully I now usually catch it before it has made us late (usually not always). I went out of town for a couple of days and left the hubby in charge they ended up at a funeral with my daughter doing her camando thing he was mortified :) I thought it was hilarious – he now understands why I am always checking to see if she has undies :)

tammy 1 year ago

This is why we are late everyday during school. I even put sock time into the schedule for her.

Amanda 1 year ago

I have four daughters.
Last fall, I went back to school for the first time in over a decade. I had my first day of class perfectly planned.

Then, my husband got called out on a wildfire detail. I was now alone with three girls (was pregnant with #4)…..for 18 days.

Still, it was okay. I called a sitter and she agreed, last minute, to watch all four of them for my super-long day of classes (11-9). She showed up and I got ready to head out the door. It was a 30 minute drive. I had 60 minutes to get there.

My truck wouldn’t start. Yay. This meant that I had to uninstall the three carseats from my van and re-install them into the sitters’s vehicle, so that she could pick the oldest child up from school. It’s a 30 minute drive. I now have 40 minutes to get there.

I run inside to wash my hands (because carseats are gross). I hear crying from the bathroom. I’m thinking “I should just go. It can’t be anything good.” But, no. I open the door and my second child (3) is standing there. She has crapped herself…….and tried to clean up her mess……and the mess in her clothes. My entire bathroom was covered in poo.

It’s a 30 minute drive. I now have 15 minutes to get there.

And that’s why I was 20 minutes late to my first day of class in eleven years. The other five were eaten up when I got stuck behind a hay truck on the way.

I was genuinely terrified that if I left that to the sitter, she would never come back. So, I had to bathe the kid and clean the bathroom.

single mom 1 year ago

Been there!!! Too bad some of us aren’t “Super moms”.

single mom 1 year ago

Or which door they can sit at!

single mom 1 year ago

Lol…These are so true! Mine were normally they had to go to the bathroom when there was NO store in sight! Or when we would go to someone’s house the first thing they would say “I’m hungry do you have anything to eat?” EVERY DANG TIME! I had to swear I did feed them! Or as soon as you got into a store everyone had to use the bathroom, while you spent 30 minutes in there sitting on the bench waiting on your child to finish while she sings! The good olé days! Lol…

Nerissa Freeman 1 year ago

I’ll have to agree to disagree, like Jenny was late pre-kids, now she’s late post kids and using their excuses instead of hers. I have 4 kids under 6, I’m never late. I allow adequate time for all the crises. Being consistently late is self involved. It’s a sign that you don’t value other peoples time.

bea 1 year ago

Love it. Mine this AM was “My feet are too cold to get on the floor” (Lulu, 5 years old)

Cindy I 1 year ago

If I ever stop laughing I am going to share….

Frederique 1 year ago

Have you gals ever noticed that when you tell kids to hurry up they actually slow down? I sometimes wonder if my 3.89 yrs old puts on her shoes on the wrong foot every morning just to piss me off? LOL. Oh, but when its time to go out for ice-cream its “Hurry up mommy, i’m ready!”… figures.

sarsm 1 year ago

I have four whole children and a dog!!!
My list and your list sound scarily similar, mine also includes:

– I bumped my son’s head lifting him into his seat and caused a major nosebleed, which could only be fixed with a lollipop, a half an hour cuddle and repeating the word sorry 100 times.

– The kids accidentally let the dog out. Again.

– There was a spider in the car.

– There was an argument about singing abilities and singing volumes and if singing should even be allowed in the car.

– Between the car and the building my young man removed his glasses from his face and ‘put them somewhere’ and we all ran up and down the hill rumaging in bushes, hunting through dirt and asking random passersby if they had seen them.

Currently Unconventional 1 year ago

Well played, sir. I get you. Dads get no respect. No respect at all.

Kayla 1 year ago

If you knew about child psychology you would know that children misbehave more for the parent they feel the most comfortable/the closest bond with. They feel that they can show their emotions more with that parent. But, yeah, why don’t you go ahead and slam all those moms out there that actually give a damn about their child’s feelings and bust their asses every day taking care of them. SMH

med109 1 year ago

“Suck it up moms, get a little tougher or stop complaining”- I didn’t see any mom’s complaining, and most of them were joking, some even miss it! Almost all wouldn’t trade the issues for the world.

“My son (4yr old) knows he cant get away with it with me and he stopped trying.”- Your son knows he can’t get skinned knees, bumped heads, or fall down with you? Wow, lighten up a little Dad! You are missing out on a whole other side of your kid, the funny, off the wall side, simply because you want to be a controlling hard ass!

Lighten up Dad, and let him be 4 for cryin out loud.

Amanda 1 year ago

Not even a mom, but I too have lost my car keys in my own hand or pocket. Since I cannot even get my husband out the door on time, nothing buy sympathy for those trying to make it out the door with a young child or two.

Christina Boothby 1 year ago

I totally agree! My kid wouldn’t get away with making me late for most of the things on this list. But some moms are just a lot more lenient than us I guess:)

Christina Boothby 1 year ago

These are a riot! My daughter is only three, so I’m sure lots more of these moments are in our future, but I do feel the need to say, someof these will NEVER be a reason I’m late. Can’t find keys because toddler put them in toy box? Check. Potty accident on way out the door? Check. Legit boo-boo that is currently bleeding and in need of band-aid? Check. But late because of touchy conversation topics? Nope. Because of mismatched shoes or issues with socks? Nope. To draw a picture? Double nope. I tend to be a bit stricter than other parents (I’m not judging you for being so laid back, so try not to judge me for being so uptight!), which means less tolerance for unimportant stuff. Especially if we’ve already commited to plans at a certain time. I grew up in a household where punctuality was vitually unheard of, and I REALLY struggle with it as an adult. I see this as all the more reason to teach my daughter the importance of being on time, and instilling in her the belief that this is important! 😀

Becky 1 year ago

You do understand satire, right? Humor? Laughing and whatnot?

Becky 1 year ago

We were once late to a doctor appointment because my daughter was too scared to go unless she knew what color the doctor’s shoes were. Which I repeatedly explained we would find out AT THE APPOINTMENT. also? The appointment she was scared of? Yeah, it was for me. Not her. Not even a little.

Jill Nelson 1 year ago

This….is me!!!! Does this mean I’ve not gone mad?! Or….does this mean I really am insane??!! Sigh……

Dadofthree 1 year ago

Any parent that only has one kid should NEVER be late.

Sandra Cormier 1 year ago

My kids are now 25 and 23. I still have nightmares about them dragging their butts, forgetting to make their lunches, missing the school bus. In real life, these are not disasters. But in my dreams, they are catastrophic.

cyndy 1 year ago

Let me retitle this article
” 33 Reasons GREAT MOMS are late “

Sarah 1 year ago

I got – “my jacket is too puffy” this morning. 15 minutes later, I was 20 minutes late.

Roberta 1 year ago

People who are late, are late because they are self absorbed and have no issue letting the world know their time is more valuable than yours. I realize this was suppose to be funny then I read comments and understand delusional moms really buy this crap. If your late, your rude. If you are employed and late you should be fired. Stop using parenthood as your excuse to be less than your co worker who shows up focused.

Rabia @TheLiebers 1 year ago

It’s like you’ve got hidden cameras in my house!! My favorite one is when my 4 year old screams; “You didn’t get my ________!” as soon as I drive off. Except he never asked for that object so how could I have known to get it?!?! I’m so confused!

beenthere 1 year ago

Some of these, like a skinned knee for example, are par for the course, but a lot of them shouldn’t be making anyone late for anything. If they do, then young children are in charge of the household and mommy. Mommy should be in charge.

Nyota Uhura 1 year ago

That was really funny. Keep it for the records, she will be a mom too.

Rebecca 1 year ago

I’m 33 and about to have my first….I was the kid whose mom would wake her have a conversation and come back 10 min later and I would be sound asleep….and no recollection of having been awake yet…

Rin68nyr 1 year ago

I relate to so many of these!

April Durham 1 year ago

Rushing around the house the other day, running late for a meeting with a new doula client. I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my phone. Checked every room in the house, the garden, the barn, the truck. Finally said out loud, “Shit Dad, I am so late. I have been looking for my phone for fifteen minutes. I can’t find it anywhere, I am on call, can’t believe this!” To which he replied, “Umm, April, your talking on your phone. To me. Go cancel your appointment and take a nap. I forbid you to drive.” Yet another reason, sleep deprived mama’s are late.

keena 1 year ago

Love these…. but my 10 yr old boy is always yelling how none of the white ankle socks match… his brother (9) isn’t wearing a matched pair…. AND the one he needs is now on said brother’s foot! And our other one…. no one remembered to feed the pets even though several reminders were given…at increasing volume.

The shoe one had me lol’ing as we seem to have a mean shoe fairy who’s whole goal is to sneak in and steal/hide one of each pair of shoes they own….or its brother’s fault for purposely hiding it to make other one late. :-) thanks for this list!

Jen 1 year ago

Love these!!!! They are so true!!! I have one to add – we were late one day because my 3 yr old son refused to wear sun glasses or a hat, walked out the front door with the sun shinning directly in his eyes, proceeded to cover his eyes and walked smack into the car door. Lol. It actually knocked him on his butt.

Catherine 1 year ago

I go to my car and tell my dog we’re going for a car ride – she hops right in! It didn’t used to be this way, we would spend 30-45 minutes chasing her down. So now, we randomly will go for a car ride so that she can enjoy the process making those crummy mornings easier to “catch her.” Now I’ll just have to deal with the fact that we’re all covered in white/yellow fur and wearing black.

Catherine 1 year ago

I buy my children TONS of socks – all the same in appearance – then throw out the old ones. We used to have to match little differences between pairs and then the dryer would eat/hold hostage socks ruining the look. Now, no problems for everyone – except my daughter who refuses to budge and wants as many weird and different socks as she can get – which is fine. I’ve told her that I expect her to be VERY happy with mis-matched socks, and I support the idea of wearing them that way. She was totally on board. So, now the husband, boy and myself have specific socks (for each of us) which makes it WAY easier to divide up laundry and ultimately match socks, because if one is missing, another pair will lose it’s mate sooner or later and TADA – mated again. And my daughter – may or may not have matched socks and is okay with that. But then there is the dreaded problem of shopping for socks – we must stop EVERY.WHERE. if we see anything slightly different that she may/may not have

Sheli 1 year ago

1. Fighting over who sits in which booster seat (they are identical seats), 2. whose juice cup has more juice in it
3. who gets in the car first
4. who will get OUT of the car first (they still aren’t in the car yet)

Shannon 1 year ago

I am one of those annoyingly on time people. I always have been and I always will be. Even after having five kids I am rarely late. I actually tell my husband that I can get myself and all five kids ready, out the door and in the car before he even has his shoes on. I can’t help it. I guess I’m just really good at time management and not letting the kids get away with their excuses or issues.

Lisa 1 year ago

#6 tie the shoe laces together…. honest!!! All 4 of mine are now preteens and older, trust me with more than a million pairs of shoes, this is probably the best way to keep what little bit of sanity you will have left in the morning…
I love the list it is great and made me laugh so much, #16 is my absolute favorite!!

MJ 1 year ago

-Sorry I was late… my youngest refused to leave the house till the cat said good-bye to her. She’s still at home with her dad.
-Sorry I was late… my oldest couldn’t find her ear ring- I take one step barefoot… I found it, in my foot!
-Sorry I was late… my child decided that her shoe laces made her ankles look fat- after refusing any help for 20 minutes because the (at the time time) 4yr old couldn’t lace well, she’s in flip flops- yes I know there are snow flurries.

The late stories are hilarious and true- until you have a child of your own they sound made up and lame… after having a kid- you can relate to almost all of them!

Angela Hazen 1 year ago

OMG I love this

Jessica Grannum 1 year ago

ROTFL!!! This is so my life!

Marsia 1 year ago

Every one of these, and more, happen all the time. 27 and 30 are a constant event.

Rachel Flachman 1 year ago

Just because I didn’t see this one on there, I have to add it.

Son decides to see how much pressure it takes for oil paint tube to explode.

When Child hears we are leaving he decide he needs to poop, which means he must strip completely naked because apparently that’s how it must be done. It takes .5 seconds to disrobe, 15 minute to poop while singing at the top of his lungs and 10 minutes to put the clothes back on. So we are about 25 minutes late every time we leave the house. Shoes? By this time no one cares. Just get in the car.

Chelsea Meacham 1 year ago

As I read this, having just told my beasties to start getting ready to go, they’ve suddenly both got to pee before they die and cannot wait for the other. Her sunglasses are in her dirty room and she’s a vampire, so we cannot leave without them. My son wanted to wear the rubber galoshes we threw out 3 weeks ago because there was no heel anymore. Now they’ve turned on the tv and we can go after this episode is over- 45 seconds into the half hour show.

Gracie 1 year ago

Some other common ones circling my household:
1) “I don’t get a chance to play on the iPad yet and the battery is dead”
2) “I didn’t finish my snack/ breakfast/ lunch/ dinner yet”
3) “This shirt is itchy”
4) “I promised my friend I’d wear my purple dress like hers but I can’t find mine”
5) “you forgot to remind me to brush my teeth/hair”
6) “I want to read these stories before we go”
7) “I need to bring all my superheroes but X is still fighting with (superhero) Y”
8) “My head/tummy hurts so I need some medicine”
9) “I’m soooo tired, can’t I just stay home to rest first?”
10) “we still need to walk the dog”

Jaci Wiley 1 year ago

Hahaha – soooo familiar

Angie Nicole Mueller 1 year ago

How about had to pee so I got completely naked including socks. I love when my 3yo does that when we are about to walk out the door

Leanne Pearsall Shaffer 1 year ago

awesome….seriously awesome.

Erin Hodge 1 year ago

I take it you’ve never been projectile vomited on whilst getting the kids out of the car at your destination

Bianca Souto Perrone 1 year ago

10 sounds like us!! Lol!!!

Melanie Davis 1 year ago

The non existent boo boo that needs a new bandaid is so my daughter! Or deciding she needs to change her outfit and pack a purse as I’m 1/2 way out the door already!!

Elaine Fitzgerald Kesici 1 year ago

“The sock hurting” happens us everyday

Jennifer Campbell 1 year ago

There is a word that you msy wiish to learn. Priority. Why should the world go on hold because your stuff is more important than they are. Being late is disrespectful and not to be encouraged and nurtured in your children.

La Turca Kairuz 1 year ago

I relate to all and each one….

Amanda K. Rounder 1 year ago

I have these problems and I only have one kid.

Krista Hunter Hill 1 year ago

3, 4, 6, 11, and 15 are our normals!

Renee Conte 1 year ago

Lol! My daughters shorts are too tight all of a sudden and we have to try on each pair she has until she decides the ones she was just wearing are ok

kristen 1 year ago

I do that too and it works for me. Also, I train my brain to think first bell at school is 15 min earlier than it really is…and set my clocks 5 min ahead. We’re down to only 3 or 4 tardies per quarter now.

Kerri Ann 1 year ago

LOL! Think I’ve heard or used more than two thirds of these!!!

kristen 1 year ago

Laughing and crying so much because with 4 kids my list includes all of these and more! …Like that time we were actually going to be on time for once and I hadn’t even yelled or nagged anyone, then my son stepped on a bee on the way to the car!

Sylvia 1 year ago

My daughter decided to pee on me as i put her in the car.

My son wanted to check the mail even tho its 8 am and mail doesn’t run until 4

Hollie Brown 1 year ago

Anyone who can’t relate to this article obviously doesn’t have children or only has one- Ya’ll need to learn to laugh :-) I have 5 kiddos and do start leaving my house 20 min before because most of these things do happen….I am still late from time to time

Stacie Egan Erdman 1 year ago

I love #31

Sarah Smile 1 year ago

I have given up on fighting about clothing- you wanna wear your batman pj pants with rain boots- sure!

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

me too. barefoot and in her pj’s. if she won’t get ready on time, then it’s go as you are!!!

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

if mine forgot how to put her shoes on, she would take her butt out the door barefoot. and yes, i’ve made her do it before. barefoot and in her pj’s!!

Nicole Pruitt 1 year ago

I have an almost 6 year old and we’ve been late maybe a total of once a year since birth so being on time is possible.

Cinzia S Pereira 1 year ago

I have actually lost interest in being on time, because it just stresses me out so much, and I know despite all the stress that I go through, we will still be late, so what is the point of stressing?!

Thankfully, we now live in Africa, where we roll with “African time” 😀

Haley Westercamp 1 year ago

I’m thinking instead of the cute little family decals everyone gets on their car- I’ll just print this list and stick on. Everyone can pick their favorite reason when I pull in the drive three hours later than intended!

Patty O’Rourke 1 year ago

“My socks have crinkles in them”

Sherra 1 year ago

1. I totally get this one.

2. I totally get this one.

3. I totally get this one.

4. Not an issue for us.

5. I don’t care about dog hair. It’s part of the attire around here…get in the car.

6. I totally get this one.

7. We can talk about it in the car…get in the car.

8. I totally get this one.

9. I totally get this one.

10. If we’re on the way to have lunch with someone they can suck it up for 15 minutes…get in the car.

11. I totally get this one.

12. I totally get this one.

13. Fight about it in the car…get in the car.

14. We can talk about it in the car…get in the car.

15. I totally get this one.

16. Luckily, my kids almost never get sick…get in the car.

17. I totally get this one.

18. I totally get this one.

19. My truck, my station, so, not an issue…get in the car.

20. Not my problem…your own fault, deal with the consequences…get in the car.

21. We can talk about it in the car…get in the car.

22. What you’re wearing is clean…get in the car.

23. No blood…get in the car.

24. See #23…get in the car.

25. Fight about it in the car…get in the car.

26. You’re fine…get in the car.

27. I totally get this one.

28. Draw in the car…get in the car.

29. We can deal with it when we get home…get in the car.

30. See #23…get in the car.

31. I totally get this one.

32. I totally get this one.

33. Scratch it in the car…get in the car.

Kay 1 year ago

Ahhh, yes. The ever faithful excuses of a child. When we get ready to go somewhere, naturally, it’s time to eat before we head out. Son isn’t hungry. After asking over and over,…nope. Not hungry. We get ready, special clothes, or whatever, now in a hurry…son is starving.

Or, has to do #2 and suddenly forgets how to clean himself after it took 20 minutes to evac.

Or, I announce that we are now in a big rush to be on time and EVERYTHING under the sun has to be looked at, played with, dropped or broken, you name it…when mom is in a hurry, all hell breaks loose! I gotta learn to not announce this…must. learn. this. stat!

Brooke Wondra 1 year ago

Same here.. ANNOYING! Bad enough I have to tell the children several times and run around getting them 3 ready by myself, but I have to tell him the MOST.. and we are usually all packed up in the van ready to go, waiting on daddy.. ugh

Amy 1 year ago

YES! All of them!! Have you had someone tell you, in complete seriousness, “Shouldn’t you just get up earlier in the morning?” My response, “Do you have children??”

Maxine Prud’Homme 1 year ago

LOL these are hilarious!

Nancy Schema Paradis 1 year ago

I can relate so much
My 7 yr olds favorite’s are
My socks feel weird, my pants feel weird!

Terry O’Neal Veenstra 1 year ago

#5,10,12,17 & 32, enough said…!

Tiffany Rolle 1 year ago

So true

Stacy White Lipps 1 year ago

#2… All the time.

Joy Daniel 1 year ago

Not sure what my excuse was the first 25 years of life… Lol. But this is definitely it now. Like right now when he’s at his dads!

Carrie Baylor 1 year ago

Change 15 to couldn’t find my phone. My husband to whom I was speaking to on said phone “found” it when he told me to stop looking for the phone I was talking to him on and go to work. Yikes!

Melody Mankus 1 year ago

This list tells me I can either get more creative or more honest with my late excuses (depending on the who and where). I usually go for “traffic” or a vague shrugging motion in their direction while saying, “Kids…”.

mmbboza 1 year ago

My younger son is so good at procrastinating that I started dressing him at night (because jeans and tshirts don’t wrinkle, and who wants the extra laundry of pajamas anyway?). Best. Decision. Ever. I also start getting him out the door an hour early. Of course, it kind of backfires when he’s excited and is in the car so early that first, I can’t find him because he is where he is supposed to be, and second, we have to drive slowly to our destination so we aren’t too insanely early. I just can’t win! lol

Melissa Gray Hardy 1 year ago

You forgot “Mommy really just doesn’t want to go.”

Liz Sharpe 1 year ago

The sock story was a familiar one in the Clifton house with a said little girl having to have her socks perfect !!!!

Terra Leann 1 year ago

#6 happens in this house nearly every day! And we’re at the age where if we aren’t “fashionable” the world halts and all is lost.

Kerrie Jackson 1 year ago

This morning we were late because there was slug poo on the shoes that she left outside all night.

Jennifer Crews 1 year ago

All the time!!!!!!!

Kay Beswick 1 year ago

I try to plan on getting places early so I won’t actually be late but my 9 yr old will ask ‘what time is it’ and will refuse to get ready when I ask as it’s waaay too soon, only to argue till the last minute and then say ‘where are my shoes?’ ..

Ryan Elizabeth Cook 1 year ago

#16 – seriously, fevers just happen!!

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

Many of these wouldn’t fly in my house. Get your itchy-ass finger nail in the car! However, I can think of many others to add that were reasons for being late….like leaking breast milk all over my blouse on the way out the door to work. Or the baby puking on me.

Allie Labelle 1 year ago

itchy fingernail…..lol

Aviva Comet Hoback 1 year ago

With raising children almost 18 years, virtually all of these have happened at one point or another with my 6 kids! I would add my daughter not wanting to pick a different pair of shoes….”these are good. I just want them to be different!” While wailing of course.

Kathleen Shroff 1 year ago

I’ve been late since 1972, and really late since 1980! Have you ever missed an Easter egg hunt cause you couldn’t get all 4 ready and into the car on time? I have! The result was not pretty!!!

Jimeka Bynum 1 year ago

Yes it does…. I’ve had more than a few of these excuses…. Lol Melissa Mercado-Marin

Joycey 1 year ago

My life… Totally! Always lost something somewhere some time and there is always somebody strubbeling with leaving the house on time. Usually the baby poops or DH needs to take a leak. Guys suck. I thought girls were supposed to do this.

Dawn Jones 1 year ago


Ashley Flynn 1 year ago

This is me EVERY time we leave the house. We are never on time to anywhere. My kids know….somehow they know we are in a hurry and trying to get out the door. And as we are walking out the door my 4 year old is literally wailing because he can’t find his shoes (the specific kind he wants to wear) and cajoling him into another pair is simply out of the question. I try to get my 11 year old to help get them in the car when we finally do get out the door and that is almost as difficult as getting the 4 year old into another pair of shoes. So by the time we finally do leave the drive way there are tears all around not just from the kids either. And frusteration is running rampant thru my vehicle. If anyone has some tips on how to make this easier please let me know!!!!

john 1 year ago

Did that and done that with my two boys. I wish i could do it again. Oh my how fast times pases.

Sarah 1 year ago

Actually, I’m the one who can usually get them ready fast in the morning. It takes their dad an extra 45 minutes just to get them out of bed. It depends on the person, not the gender.

Melanie Godfrey 1 year ago


Brandy Lopez Barbee 1 year ago

Poop. For me it’s always the poop…..

Kristine B 1 year ago

Is it bad if #3, 15 and 27 are most common for me? :(

Lindsay Siedmann 1 year ago

Lol! A few of these just may be some of my reasons!

April Rose Baird 1 year ago


Jennifer Randazzo 1 year ago

#3 is the most common reason for us to be late. It happens to me every day.

Katy Keating 1 year ago

Perfect! :)

Loni Askwith 1 year ago

So spot on! #2, 6, 9, 26, 29…I swear, I’ve seen these all at the same time!! Hahahaha

Julie Smith Miller 1 year ago


Elsa Romero 1 year ago

My daughter normally would have the urge to poop when we walk at the door OR my favorite one, an old scar needed to be re-clean and repatched

keni 1 year ago

Haha too funny. My son almost fell out of the car last night at wal mart.

Samantha Cooper Hartz 1 year ago

Oh my gosh! This is HYSTERICAL!

Denita 1 year ago

Hilarious! I loved the one about having to clean and dress an old / non- existent wound. That’s my daughter’s favourite stunt!

Nicole Harrigan 1 year ago

I would’ve been examining the birds and the bees, puberty, and homosexuality on the way, but all the others, yup. Spot on!

Michelle Epperley Edwards 1 year ago

Way too familiar!! Laughing

Christi Younger 1 year ago

I have to run a tight ship or I’d go crazy. I’m seriously out numbered. Lol. I do have a lot of pet peeves but they seem to keep everything in order and running smoothly. There really is no excuse for being late! I’ve grabbed up shoes and a kid, threw (not literally) them in their car seat buckled them in crying and gone. They get over it. I only have to tell them twice let’s get going and they do very well and we get gone. They’re normally walking out the door before I’m ready. Lol

Robin Monique 1 year ago

Haha so my life
Can I send this entire list to my boss lol

Melissa Bechthold Hoehn 1 year ago

#11 alllll the way. Always!

Tricia Robichaud 1 year ago

I am the same way. I always tell my kids or husband that we need to be there 15-30 mins before we actually do and we are always on time. Plus my kids are pretty good and knowing that when its time to go.. Its time to go. No fusing allowed. They only get bandaids for real sores and only for the first few hours. They have to clean up after themselves before they start anything new. Shoes have to be put away unless wet. I sometimes don’t understand how some people can let their kids get so out of hand. I guess I am pretty strict. As my husband says. I run a tight ship.

Victoria Vallejos 1 year ago

We go from, “Hey we will finally early be early” to ” Damn 20 minutes late again” from the time I say, “Time to go” until we pull out of the drive way. There is a time warp every time. Thanks for helping me laugh about it. Too often I let it stress me out and feel like I am the only one not managing my time well.

Jennifer Sheu 1 year ago

Ahabahahaha!!!! Oh man, story of my life…

Stacey Theiss Zornes 1 year ago

I can relate to all of these.

Mary Kai Taylor Brandenburg 1 year ago


Gladys Adames 1 year ago

This is great! Lol

Rhonda Thiessen 1 year ago

My motto is, “On time is when I get there!”

Ella 1 year ago

You must have planted a hidden camera in my house!

Kelly Magnani 1 year ago

#34 none of the other adults in household thought they should give a hand in getting kids out the door

Heather Nuanes 1 year ago

Mine is: my kids forgot how to put on their shoes again.

Lindsey Painter 1 year ago

I laughed and then I cried.

Cheryl Schwegel 1 year ago

OMG… Did I write these? that is my life every morning.

Missy Pawling Walker 1 year ago

All of the ones about not being able to find something…yep, that’s me!!!

Janet Eismeier 1 year ago

Your kids are pretty good with #2, also (no pun intended!)

Sarah Nicole 1 year ago

My daughter who is 5, decides to have meaningful conversations when we leave to get into the car. My daughter who is 6 never has shoes on, my daughter who is 11 has to do her hair the minute I want to walk out the door and usually always something is left behind that I needed to bring and I get down the block before it is remembered and I have to turn around.

Lydia Lettrick 1 year ago


Katie Keller Marquez 1 year ago

#1 has actually happened to me.

Conclusively Candor 1 year ago

number 30 made me laugh out loud…

Tamara Gardiner Misch 1 year ago

So true!

Katie Schmidt 1 year ago

Number 29. Twenty nine times a day!

Tiffany Langford 1 year ago

“This shirt is burning me!” My son, Milo, 3

Kristin Culbertson 1 year ago

I couldn’t find my kid, it was raining and she didn’t want to get wet…..she was sitting in the car! Happened yesterday!

Noelle Everts 1 year ago


Sarah Toepp 1 year ago

We got in the car the other day and my son realized he forgot to put shoes on : )

Abby Rose Blanch 1 year ago

This was me the other day. Daughter 1 said she was unwell so wouldn’t be going to nursery. At which point daughter 2 did an ‘up the back and through the clothes’ poo… Resulting in showers and change of clothes for her, & since I didn’t know what else to wear- I decided to clean what I was wearing… Then daughter 1 threw up in her bed…. Then daughter 2 threw up on me… Then a woman stole my taxi. Husband agreed to stay home with daughter 1, but I was 2 hours late by then.

Jennifer Brower 1 year ago

This is the story of my life. I’m never on time. Most of my friends know this about me so they tell me to be somewhere a hour before they need me there so I can be somewhat on time.

Holly A Hicks 1 year ago

My life

” my daughter just fell while standing…now I have to convince her that she’s still able to walk”

Heather Fall 1 year ago

I am NEVER late.

Annette Luethy 1 year ago


Ema Blair 1 year ago

30 made me laugh so hard it hurts 😛 my son for sure!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

Not sure I’ve been on time for anything since the birth of my daughter. And I USED to be at least 10 minutes early!

Betsie Missler Parren 1 year ago

Oh yes!

Brianna Asten Mahaffey 1 year ago

I’ve always been punctual, and having a kid hasn’t stopped me either. You just get and do things earlier to leave on time.

Lydia Durham 1 year ago

Yes- this is my child.

Katy Lynn 1 year ago


Sarah Lemmenes 1 year ago

#12 and twice #32.

Rebecca Hill 1 year ago

Oh my gosh, this is SPOT ON!!

Dawn Brunet Duehring 1 year ago

Pretty accurate list!

Meredith DePriest 1 year ago

To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be sorry. I’m sorry lol

Kelly Fowler 1 year ago

This is hilarious. I once was convinced I dropped my keys in the aisles of Target and already had the kids in the car. I searched everywhere around and in the car. Yeah…they were in my back pocket…

Jana Eismeier Taylor 1 year ago

#3,11 & 30! My life in a nutshell! :)

Angelika Soegiarto Lee 1 year ago

I’m sorry but no excuse is ever good to be late i understand if u r runnin 5 min late. But anything above 15min is just rude.

Kathy 1 year ago

I am a granny now but I still remember those days.

1. Trying to get 20 month old dressed and off to church. Can’t find one of his dress shoes. Turn the place upside down and still no shoe. So off to church in tennis shoes. Later that day I found it behind the toilet seat top.

2. Helping a friend get 2 toddlers ready for preschool. I am on the floor putting shoes on one child, she has the other in he lap trying to put in hearing aids. I look up to see what is going on and tell her, ‘you have the wrong kid”. The kid in my lap needed hearing aids. The other kid didn’t bother to tell her “those aren’t mine”. Then making sandwiches for an outing, one kid took his sandwich out of lunch box and dog grabbed it and ran away. Many tears later, new sandwich in lunchbox and school bus is honking for the kids to come out. We got them out and sat down on the floor and giggled for hours.

Megan Elliott 1 year ago

My oldest/largest kid (31 yr old husband) ignored the 657 time checks and laid in bed until 5 minutes before we had to leave checking Facebook. This happens frequently. Lol.

Amanda Whitman 1 year ago

#15!!! All.the.damn.time!!!!

Rebecca Stoler Froebe 1 year ago

This was my day. All of it.

Helen Sanborn 1 year ago

I was 10 minutes early to my workout class tonight because I left the kiddos home with the hubby! My class was like, “Whaaaa???”

Mindy Kelley Lindeman 1 year ago

Totally my fave!

Mamaof2 1 year ago

Yes to most, but not #10 and #19. 10 – We are going out for lunch. No, you can not have a drink and definitely no snacks. You are starving? Good. Then maybe you will actually EAT the $8.99 kids meal.

19- No, you may not change the station in MY car. If I want to listen to the garden show – I will. When you have YOUR car, have at ‘er.

Also you forgot the no body has to do last pee before you leave, but 10 minutes down the road, someone has to go pee RIGHT NOW QUICK OR THE PEE WILL FALL OUT!!!!!

Lori Dawson 1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one!

Melissa Munkers 1 year ago

We are usually early because I hate being late and I know this stuff will happen…every…time. #4 is our most common, and the toy one.

Kali Lyles Morgan 1 year ago

#2!!!!! Every. Single. Time.

Joyce Juhasz 1 year ago

I’m part of the minority here too. If I’m not 15 minutes early then I consider myself late & that’s just rude. Your time is just as precious as mine so let’s not waste it.

Kim Terry 1 year ago

16 is about right.

Jennifer Serrano 1 year ago

O I can give u a few lolol

Christi Younger 1 year ago

Oh they have happened. Lol. But never made me late. 3 here. I do the same thing that ,forgot her name does, I leave an hour early to get 15 minutes down the road. Lol. Over kill on the time management. I was taught to always be 15 minute early everywhere.

Shannon Coleman Perez 1 year ago

All of these. All the time.

Paula Antonelli Valentine 1 year ago

OMG! This is perfect & SO accurate!!

Elise Ahlgren 1 year ago

Too funny!

Cassie M Schmucker 1 year ago

YES!!!!! LMAO!

Anne Marie Emery 1 year ago


Sarah Gangross Valkner 1 year ago

#2, 10 & 12!

Shawna Silvers Winans 1 year ago

I laughed so hard I cried!

Jen Henderson 1 year ago

29 &32 lol 32 normally bc she’s hates clothing of any sort lol

Michelle Harris 1 year ago

I’m one of those paranoid parents that will leave an hour early just so I can get 15 minutes down the road on time. Military training got me good at managing my time even as a single mother! :)

Jaclyn Taylor 1 year ago

Must be nice…every one of these has happened to me multiple times. We have 4 kids…

Devyn Dugas Pulis 1 year ago

Laura DiPesa I relate with that one every.single.day! Along with so many of the other #’s lol

Pam Geiling Watson 1 year ago


Jaclyn Taylor 1 year ago

I actually went somewhere today…barefoot!!!! Needless to say, I sent my oldest in…

Abigail Mitchell 1 year ago

Always late!! My son is 6 months old and since the day I brought him home, every function since, I’ve been late for lol

Laura DiPesa 1 year ago

Devyn Dugas Pulis I just laughed so hard I peed a little. My personal favorite “no one heard me say it’s time to go, even though I said it 20 times at different volumes” that is my kids, and husband.

Shannon Loyd Williams 1 year ago

Literally laughed out loud while reading this one!

Jaime Holmes 1 year ago

Haha my favorite: “I can’t find my kindle! How can I be in the car (15 minutes mind you) without my kindle!!!”
Me: “um like other kids, who don’t have a kindle.”
Her: “um what are you talking about?” *insert eyeroll*

Michelle Rene Olivier 1 year ago

34. Child only wants to wear her bubble guppie underwear. And by underwear I mean one on her head and one over her diaper.
35. Complete meltdown because she raided pantry and there are no “olies” to eat.
36. Pulls the noodle of all noodles that I cannot even dead lift her.
Many many more…

Maryanne Buckley 1 year ago

love these!!!

Christi Younger 1 year ago

Ya know, sorry y’all, never happens to me. The one and only time my kid made me late was to her tutor because she forgot her folder half way there. I over kill on being early. These do sound about right though. Lol

Sarah Finnicum 1 year ago

#2!! And nice play on that lol

Lee Ann Kuhn Buscemi 1 year ago

I lose my keys. Every single time. They are usually lodged between the melted gummy fruit in my purse and the Tampax that has the broken wrapper

Denise Fritcher Sodano 1 year ago

Love all of these. #30 happens too often lol

Christi Younger 1 year ago

It’s lost it’s funniness when it happens all the time. My son! Lol

Olivia Stipe Manke 1 year ago


Joelle Barlow Zimmer 1 year ago


Sarah Smile 1 year ago

I have shown up to places with barefooted children on multiple occasions!

Paige Jax 1 year ago

30. My son fell out of the car while getting into the car.

– my favorite one

Beth Malonoski 1 year ago

Yes! #1 – the socks are always the problem…evil conspirators.

ohhellno 1 year ago

Moms need to be more understanding of each other. If a “friend” is going to act ridiculous about us being 10 minutes late then she can find someone else to hang out with. I don’t need an interrogator. I also hate to receive a text if im 3 min late saying “are you still coming” most of the time im in the parking lot etc and these effin type of texts make me want to turn around.

Mary 1 year ago

What about…baby decides to spit up on mommy’s shirt on the way out the door.

Kim 1 year ago

I’m pretty sure my coworkers without kids think I made most of my excuses up. I was not good before but I never knew it was possible to get up at 5:30 and still not get to work before 8:45. With wet hair and no makeup.

Dee 1 year ago

Lol 33. This is my daughter at bed time only she can feel her nails growing and hear her hair growing. She also has “too hot” blood that keeps her up haha

confused 1 year ago

Dad’s don’t put up with accidents and skinned knees?? Tell me more about how that works….

Renee 1 year ago

Omg, this is so me! I have 3 kids (6, 5, 18 months) and every time we’re supposed to be somewhere, I start getting everyone ready literally THREE hours before we’re supposed to leave. Still doesn’t help. My mother-in-law made the mistake of saying something to me the other day as a “joke” (You know, those jokes that aren’t really jokes, just an excuse to say the way they really feel and then follow it up with, “I’m just kidding, hahaha!”) about how I can never get anywhere on time. So I decided to tell her exactly everything that happened in the hours prior to me showing up (getting everyone dressed, then rushing to get myself dressed, 18 month old decided it would be the perfect time to knock over our kitchen garbage can which was filled with food I had just thrown out and doesn’t that look like an awesome pile of crap to play with!! etc) and then told her if she would like, next time I have to meet the family somewhere she can stop by and help! She actually tried to get my kids ready once. And she never, ever made another comment about me being late.

Sandie 1 year ago

#4, #22, #29. All the time. But I now start out the door 15 minutes early in preparation for going somewhere. But they adore going to their dad’s house because he’s the pushover lol. :)

Kady 1 year ago

That is AWESOME.

Kady 1 year ago

All true, PLUS:
I’m reading Scary Mommy in bed when I should be getting us ready to go! :)

Jennifer 1 year ago

Love it! LOVE it! LOVE IT!
I’ve only got 1, but he’s been quite enough (he’s 12 now). Mine slipped on ice when he was…3 or so. We were getting out of the car at the babysitter’s house and I got him out of the car on her lawn and said to him, “Hang on, Mom has to get your bag and I don’t want you to slip on the ice.” He chose that moment to BOLT away from me, ripping his hand from mine, and RUN towards her front door. He slipped on the ice and fell. He spent the next year telling people about how I tripped him.

Good luck to you! I love your blog! Makes me feel better knowing that it wasn’t just my kid (or my parenting) that wasn’t perfect but that kids will (and should) be kids.

Rebekah Diaz 1 year ago

We no longer have the shoe problem after the last blowout that ended with my 7 y/o wearing flip flops for church. We have a “shoe bin” we keep in the main closet of the living room by the door. All three children’s shoes go in there when they step in the door & that way we always know where they are. Just a tip!

Absolutely Prabulous 1 year ago

Oh sweet Lord I am CRYING. I need to walk away from Scary Mommy never to visit again because I just don’t get anything done. Not today though. Too funny for words.


Lori 1 year ago

#22 is me almost every time we leave the house. Change an outfit for the 424543rd time as we start walking to the truck, which then needs a shoe change, but can’t find the match to the pair that she wants…..she’s 7 for Pete’s sake! I threatened to throw out everything except the minimum so there wouldn’t be as many choices, but I doubt it would make a difference.

Emily 1 year ago

My kids are still really young but my 3 year old daughter likes to let the cat out when we are trying to leave and then my son throws a fit because we can’t leave. Gotta catch that cat. And seriously, where do all of those socks go?

Ellen 1 year ago

I have one who is constantly spilling something. Including when we are walking out the door. FYI, this list could also be called “33 reasons why moms always have to eat a cold dinner”.

Kate 1 year ago

This has worked for me many times. But I mean me, not the kid. He can go in his pj’s!

Kate 1 year ago

OH my gosh #31, SO me. I almost fell off my chair. The keys, the glasses, the brain…all going the way of the un-missed now suddenly missing stuffed animal. Ahh, thanks for the laugh!

Pammie @ the R word 1 year ago


Ohnoyoudidn’t! 1 year ago

With such a bright, cheery, uplifting, supportive and understanding attitude towards moms, one can see why you have an ex (ex’s, maybe?)

SarahG | Semi-urban Mom 1 year ago

I think it should be part of the Mom Code that everyone expect moms and kids to be at least a little late for everything. Lower our expectations a bit. Heck, the fact that a mom was 10 minutes late for a playdate at my house today meant I had enough time to actually sweep the crud off the floors before she arrived. I consider that courteous :)

thomas iverson 1 year ago

Couldn’t find the youngest one. He was hiding under his bed because he couldn’t wear his favorite (dirty) sweatshirt.

S.R. 1 year ago

Asked a friend from a very large family how her mom ever got them all to church on time. Her answer was that they were all bathed & went to bed fully dressed – including shoes! Guess it worked for them!

Bridget 1 year ago

If I’m 10 minutes late, I consider that early (pat on the back).

Kmouhot09 1 year ago

Don’t forget the best game in the world: How fast can we run away from mommy while she tries to dress us!’ I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, this game gets played at least 10 times a day between breakfast messes, lunch messes, dirt from playing in the yard, snack messes, hair from playing with the dog, and of course…bedtime, then post bedtime when someone forgets to go potty.

curleedst 2 years ago

I was late today to my children’s Baking 101 class because between feeding them and giving baths…the time got away from me!

Gem 2 years ago

I’m the complete opposite, I have 2 children and I’m always ready to leave early ( I’m ocd when it comes to punctuality) but my darn husband (who only has to get himself ready) makes us late for everything. A good read though, I enjoyed it!

JennFantastic! 2 years ago

Oh, I absolutely ADORE this! I can’t find one that doesn’t sound 100% true and probably so darn common! hahaha Some people would never believe this stuff. They will when they have kids. Or pay attention to them. THIS is great! <3

Jen 2 years ago

Sooo funny!

Jamie Bartley 2 years ago

this was hilarious

Annie 2 years ago

Yea.. I kind of have to give myself an hour to get ready and give myself another hour to get my son ready. With two hours time to get ready, we usually make it, but not always!

Annie 2 years ago


I kind of hide my son's shoes from him now since he only has one pair that fits at the moment, BUT he has maybe 15 pairs of socks and some how all of them lose their mate. We were late to a doctor's appointment one time because I couldn't find the stupid socks. I don't know where they go, but it's insane that of ALL these socks, none of them are paired.

Lelly Ann 2 years ago

You made my soul smile. <3

WildAngelG 2 years ago

I realize this article is intended to be funny, but some of these lit my fuse. I have 2 children and let me tell you, if they pull this crap when we leave (and believe me they try), I take control and be the adult. I don’t expect the whole world to wait in me and my children so one can have a drink and the other can find a toy. pu-leeze

rose 2 years ago

hahaha so true, and what pisses me off the most is that he never wants to pitch in….he’s scared he’d end up being slower than his superwoman wife hahahahahah

Beth Buchanan 2 years ago

I’m only 18 weeks pregnant but I’m already late usually it’s a last minute the baby is on my bladder again so I have to pee, or make a pit stop. My favorite though is I just sneezed and I have to change my pants AGAIN! I also can’t find shoes that fit or its snowing so no flip flops. I loved this post, it was true for my brother and me…and now for me as well. Hubby just sighs and says ok we’re gonna be late again! :)

tori 2 years ago

Why do people with no kids feel the need to comment. ? This is a humor post. Get the rod out of your ass please.

Mcflyrocks1 2 years ago

Mom: get in the car dear
Kid: I can’t I’m trying to investigate why my poop is brown

jessimaka 2 years ago

i was sick of being late, so after most the yr of it last yr, i told the bf an earlier time (15 min) for our appt, and it was the ONE time we ended up being early (by 20 min, so we would have actually been on time!)

jessimaka 2 years ago

my daughter was born jan of last yr and we were late for EVERYTHING, even my induction; no matter how much i prepared and attempted leaving early, we would always manage to leave later than i had planned… however (KNOCK ON WOOD) we have been ON TIME so far to all appts this yr – it is still jan tho, so idk how long that will last

Kathy Cites 2 years ago

LOL. It doesn’t get better as they get older either. I was late to 2 of my nephew’s weddings. The first one we are 10 minutes from leaving on a 3 hour drive. I reach under my 3 year old’s bed for the shoe box with her good shoes and find a dead cat. The family cat had missed breakfast, but I hadn’t given it much thought because of the wedding. After digging a grave, burying the cat, cleaning up the body fluids the cat left under the bed when it died, and taking another shower, we arrive about 45 mins late. During the reception, precious 3 year old confesses that the cat did not die of natural causes. This at a table for 10, 5 of them strangers. The 2nd wedding i have just ironed our clothes in the motel and use the bathroom one last time before we leave. I step out of the bathroom and see the hot iron face down on the floor. Same daughter, now 11 years old set the iron on the floor because it was blocking her view of the TV. The synthetic carpet is stuck to the motels iron, the floor is burned. I scrub the goo off the iron while it is still hot and use hubby’s razor to shave the carpet and erase the evidence. We got there just as the meal was being laid out. Yep, kids will make you late.

Deniece Lopes 2 years ago

I'm laughing so hard! What a great list…

Monica Mims Brown 2 years ago

#30 and 31! hahahahaha!

Lara Wilcox Meza 2 years ago

And Middle C had that one down by the age of three!

Sally Lucas Henry 2 years ago

#22… Oh. My. Lanta. #22!!!!!

Mimi Maguire 2 years ago

A. men won't put up with any crap, and B. they are oblivious to just about everything, unless it directly effects them…

Marilyn Adkins 2 years ago

More organization helps being on time! I would rather be early than late! :)

Melissa Aos 2 years ago

Don't forget the lost mitten, lunchbox, or permission slip you had no idea existed….The snack one, yes, that is me. My husband always forgets to pack the water bottles and goldfish crackers. My children will yell at me from the kitchen while I'm in the bathroom, "mom, I'm thirsty!!" While I'm sitting on the 'throne', I'll yell back, "tell your dad. He's standing right next to you!"

Madre 2 years ago

#29 and #30…SO TRUE! I am crying with laughter…I think

dad 2 years ago

I have the same thing as this happen with me and my ex. She complains of all the things I never see. My son (4yr old) knows he cant get away with it with me and he stopped trying. She is a push over and he easily gets away with things. Suck it up moms, get a little tougher or stop complaining.

Jennifer Walker 2 years ago

Number 7 and 12 are legit reasons!

Angela Mastrodonato 2 years ago

#5, #13, #17, and #18 are why we don't have a dog. I love dogs. My husband does not. But I agree we shouldn't get one because with kids to take care of, dogs are just too much.

Kathleen Hardy 2 years ago

Ashley Matia Tekely All your shoes are in the middle of my living room floor!

Derek N Lori Floyd 2 years ago

#34 I couldn't find the baby….She was on my hip.

Denise Ostling Kinkade 2 years ago

We once found a shoe lodged in the inner branches of the Christmas tree! It was missing the entire Christmas season and found when we took the tree to the curb!

Candy 2 years ago

And why does the doll have to buckle up before AND after we get out of the car? Why did the doll get unbuckled while we were driving? Can’t the doll just stay unbuckled until after school?

Kaye Mathews 2 years ago

Laura's was "my socks hurt" or her sleeves hurt. Guess it never changes!

Carrie Baker Stock 2 years ago

My kids wear miss matched flip flops all summer.

Tera Wardrip 2 years ago

And after all that hastle getting the kids ready, your husband looks at you and asks "what took you so long? I've been ready forever."

Drea 2 years ago

I HATE shoes. Why is it that when it is cold out we have no problem finding flip flops and sandals but the sneakers I just recently purchased are no where to be found? Or when its hot and they can wear the damn sandals without looking like homeless waifs the only findable shoes are the sneakers and I have not done any laundry so no, there are no socks to be worn….

Katy Curran Beisel 2 years ago

Yes, I used to drive my daughter to school 45 minutes away, had our 2 other kids in tow and was pregnant w. no. 4….as we were about 5 minutes from school, she realized she didn't have any underwear on…..and was in a skirt.

Marshall Myers 2 years ago

I am a Dad, and I experience and deal with these things on a daily basis.

Krista Crowe 2 years ago

Hysterical and SO true!!! I've experienced just about every single one of these!

Rachel 2 years ago

Or underwear….true story too….lol! Happened twice before I added it to the list of questions to ask as we run out the door!

Charlotte Norine 2 years ago

me too!!!

Christi Tipton 2 years ago

April, Tara and Sarah, I read your comments to my husband, and he indignantly interrupted and said: "I always notice when it's that cold outside!" I laughed and asked: "But not the pee or the barf?" He said: "Ehhh." LOL

The Second Set 2 years ago


Lisa 2 years ago

1. 3 year old needs underwear but already peed in her underwear, twice. It’s only 7am. Where’s that laundry basket of clean clothes? (in the dryer and I’m late for work)
3. Your 3 year old wants to get in the car the same door as your 9 year old, or the front car door, just any door except the one with her car seat.
4. When you finally get in the car seat, she wants to do the buckle herself. Standing there while she’s fumbling with the buckle you KNOW she won’t be able to do feels like a MILLION years.

Allison Lynch St. Germain 2 years ago

I so needed that laugh tonight!

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

Did the dog have a knowing grin??? That's how I'm imagining it… like out of a movie!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

That’s so sweet!!! Thx. You know, you could just print a bunch of copies and anytime your late just hand it to someone and walk on.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Thanks!!! XO

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Well, Sarah … no more kids or you’re gonna have to start getting ready the night before!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Better your son than your tires … I think?

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

I completely believe you in fact the exact thing may have happened to me twice … and yet imagine how that would sound if you had to give it as an excuse for missing an important appointment. Oh how the hilarity would ensue.

Patricia L Tanyhill 2 years ago

Yeah, I was an active duty military mom with an alcoholic husband, and with all the drama that includes and the two kids – both my children are college graduates, married – then kid – with respectable jobs and I have 4 healthy, beautiful grandchildren and I laugh when I hear my children's stories about the chaos in their house. "opened" you are the loser!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

XO thanks for reading!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

That is brilliant! I hope you got to him before the imaginary dog catcher!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Yep, that sounds about right!!!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

ahhh, so much in common!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

OH, that usually happens to me while trying to reach back and open something for someone or hand them something that they could probably reach themselves… FUN

Amy Cain Boynton 2 years ago

But we love you still!!!

Elizabeth Platt Hamblin 2 years ago

What about the part where you drove off the road because your son was trying to tell you what happened in school today and you said mmm hmmm up until you heard him say something about the principal that you didn't catch because you were only pretending to listen, and then you couldn't get him to repeat it and, now intensely interested, forgot to pay attention to where you were going? (Me, today)

Jenny Lowery 2 years ago

my name is Jenny, too… and my middle name is late 😉

Nena Anderson Koelling 2 years ago

Now all us moms who were thinking, "Am I the only one with crazy kids like this?" know that we are all in this together! My twin boys fight all the time over whose chores take longer to do than the others'. If they spent less time arguing about the time they spend on chores, the chores would be done! Then we could be out the door and on our way to do fun things. lol

Christina Miller 2 years ago

Must be nice to be so perfect. As a full time working mother, I plan ahead, and try hard not to be late, but things happen. For example just a few weeks ago, my sister in mother were in town and staying with my aunt. My son and I were going there on a Friday night, stay the night, and head to the mountains in the morning, This is how the Friday went when I had planned on being at my aunt's (40 mins away) house at 6pm:

230p: Son gets home from school
345p: I get home after a 40 minute commute due to traffic, pack bags, load car while SO takes dogs out.
415p: Go to Tae Kwon Do school for appointment to enroll son, school was slightly delayed on opening.
450p: Head to local pizza place to pick up pizzas to take to aunt's
455p: Get stuck in traffic, no other routes open to pizza place
518p: Pick up pizza
519p: Son throws up in the car
525p: Drop SO off at home, load pizzas and kid in my car while SO cleans out family car.
530p: Leave to aunt's house
600p: Get text from sister asking where I am (about 7 miles out at this point)
611p: Realize that we left jackets and niece's birthday present at home.
615p: Roll into my aunt's place, son looks at me and says, "I know we are a little late, and you have a lot on your plate, but it will all be OK. I love you and we are lucky have a such a great family."
–His statement (he is 10, BTW), made everything seem not so bad.

Then, there are other times in life you have to take the scenic route and stop to smell the flowers. Sometimes, we cherish those moments that make us a little late because we can laugh about it later and have an interesting memory. As a society we are always rushing around and on the go. Our kids can help us remember that there is more to life.

Justin Hess 2 years ago

As a father, I feel it is more that we don't care and you will learn to deal with the problems.

Christina M. Conner-Miller 2 years ago

Ron Motta your add-ons are perfectly correct for my house =) Arika your # 3 I have literally done when we forgot show n share day and his lunchbox was from a trip at the zoo the summer before. Hahaha!

Andi Watkins 2 years ago

We have a special shelf for each person in the entry way just for their shoes…and yet it is a daily 30 min long process to find a pair, because for some reason only 1 of them is on the shelf!!

Sharon Evans-Putney 2 years ago

Because your 4 yr old's invisible friend can't find her shoe….

Erin Finneran 2 years ago

Oh my God Rebecca – that is my life to a tee. Every single time we go anywhere! ugh!

Brett Johnson 2 years ago

Gender roles are switched at my house (I'm a SAHD), other than that, spot-on, Tara! Lol

Nicole Poyer 2 years ago

Ashley Matia Tekely Check their drawers

Leah Elizabeth Locklear 2 years ago

Oh my gosh!!! I am literally cracking up here at work!! This is great and I am forwarding this to all my girlfriends without babies!!!! LOL…. That way there will be no more temptation to want to kill them when they complain of me being late somewhere!! Oh and I just found a new blog to follow!! Love it! ~Leah~

Steve Swihart 2 years ago

Well, the first reason is our fault…the DADS fault why mom is late "33 reasons moms are late" WE DIDNT PULL OUT IN TIME.

Richelle Harris 2 years ago


Richelle Harris 2 years ago

I would simply just like to add that being a single Mom of two with a full time job; exhaustion, at times, throws any type of organizational skills I have out the window! I can't imagine having 5 kids! Kuddos to the Moms who raise 5+ kids. And, as long as I am living, my kids will always have my help if it is needed and I am able to give it. That is the definition of unconditional love. In doing so, down the road when I am old and in need of their help, I believe they will take care of their "old lady".

Rebecca Wilson-Shore 2 years ago

Or we get to school and two of them aren't even WEARING shoes. True Story.

Rebecca Wilson-Shore 2 years ago

Probably because he has an auto shut off valve in his ear that enables him to be quietly staring at his Iphone when I step into a car (after everyone else of course, because I've spent 3/4 of my time getting everyone else ready and out the door and then get that last 10 minutes to throw myself together) of bickering children. True story.

Traci Moran 2 years ago

This is quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever read.

Stacy Kiker 2 years ago

I had to let the dogs in from the backyard, but my daughter said one of the dogs ran out the garage door. So we drove around for 3 hours trying to find the dog. Came home to eat lunch and call the animal shelter, and there is the dog looking out the window wagging her tail as we pull up in the driveway!

Molly Moyer 2 years ago

I’m now a grandmother and these were the same reasons I was always late 30+ years ago and that my daughter is now late!!! She just had the homosexuality conversation the other day and then was held up even longer bc she refused to identify the gay friends she has! Granddaughter spent HOURS bugging her mother trying to figure out who they were!!

Sarah Ashton Brown 2 years ago

With each subsequent child I've noticed we need to start getting ready one full hour earlier… when church starts at 10am and I need to wake up at 6, there's no doubt – we're gonna be late. I don't WANT to be late; it just happens. To the mothers who are perfect and have never been late, I salute you (while secretly hoping you find a huge spider in a random drawer). To all the others like me who can NEVER be on time unless you've forgotten about Daylight Savings Time ending – FIST BUMP FOR YOUR EFFORTS!! :)

Ashley Essel Poklar 2 years ago

I dread number 16 on a weekly basis when it is daycare days…it is amazing how a fever will literally appear between putting on a jacket and getting strapped into the car…How? and Why?

Christina Russo Wood 2 years ago

Due to being a teacher, late wasn't an option. I've started ten minutes earlier due to "brush your teeth" which turns into "I have to use the bathroom."

Kati Ponce 2 years ago

Sorry I'm late, my son had a blow out on our way here. Needless to say there was a naked baby in the parking lot.

Cathy 2 years ago

My kids have all made it to their 20’s and the oldest is married….Thank God He saw us through all the days just like the ones above…..best/worst one was the first day of school when my kids were in 4th, 7th and 11th grade…..got up, my daughter threw up, cleaned up after her, the cat threw up, cleaned up after him, my daughter threw up again, cleaned up again….she wanted to go to school anyway, thought it was nerves since she was going to the intermediate school instead of primary that year…..cat threw up again, cleaned up after him again…..something crashed, son screamed, ran to the bathroom to find that the middle door of the medicine cabinet fell off and hit son in head, breaking the mirror all over the bathroom……carefully got son out of bathroom, checked him over, he was okay, slight headache….cleaned up broken glass in bathroom…..drove kids to school……..the rest of the day is a blur after all that….and yes all that happened on that first day of school that year. 0.0

Paul-Laura Hayward 2 years ago

Ashley Matia Tekely They are on the side of the road…you know the ones you see and think, "how can anyone lose just one shoe? what happened to lose one shoe?"

Kameswari Vedula 2 years ago

Very humorous. Reminded me of my past , when my kids were small , But , the naked truths that all mothers face ! Only the degree varies !

Megan Placek 2 years ago

Oh my gosh this is so hysterical! Thanks for posting!

Karla 2 years ago

My son had a meltdown once making us late to a family gathering because we forgot his imaginary dog at the store!

Alison Kennedy 2 years ago

Ashley Matia Tekely Check the freezer.

Laura Schaeffer 2 years ago

My life in a nutshell….just yesterday my boys were fighting over who peed the longest, and then the screaming began over who got to flush. WTH

Tina White Scott 2 years ago

Um, wow just wow, I guess you can chalk me up to being one of those "lazy moms" because as I live and breath I know for a fact that life happens, and if it can go wrong it will go wrong when you lest want it too, things get lost, and children have the uncanny knack of getting sick at the wrong time, yeah I know, as if there are any right times, but you know what I mean…you just walk into a meeting, the perfectly healthy child that you just dropped off……you know the rest. While I will not deny that there are some bad parents, moms can't get all the blame, most parents/moms strive their best to raise their children properly.

Amy Lynn Carter 2 years ago

When I look in the back seat and see that my son is a barefoot and we are a block from preschool and oh yeah, did it shut the garage door? Lol

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

I tried, but I kept showing up after you left… Shit I have to work on my being late as it’s even later than your being late.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Funny, I thought that may have just been my daughter. Well, if they don’t make artists we can commiserate years from now. So glad you enjoyed XO

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

Christy Esquibel Belore You're in. We'll set up a time never to meet! LOL

HD 2 years ago


Meredith 2 years ago

Has someone been following me around and watching me and my children try to leave the house? So hilarious and spot on. Love.

Lisa A Stewart 2 years ago

lol. too funny. but so true!

Grace | Yummy Baby Gifts™ 2 years ago

This was too funny! Awesome! I remember those days, always can’t get out of the house! Still happens now even when they’re a little older now. *sigh*

Peggy Lombardi Shurling 2 years ago

Hysterical! Not so funny when it's always you! ….. ❤️

Ron Motta 2 years ago

I'd like to add a few (because it's not all Moms!) – 1.) My daughter decided that her baby doll just NEEDED to be buckled in, even though we only have two seatbelts in the backseat. 2.) My daughter decided that her socks weren't folded down her ankles in PRECISELY the manner she wanted it. 3.) My son decided he just HAD to watch the end of a TV show he's seen about 50,000 times to find out how it ends.

Helen Neufeld 2 years ago

this cracked me up! some of these happen frequently at our house. numbers 4, 6, and 11 esp. drive me crazy!!

Arika Mittman 2 years ago

Can I add a few to this lovely list? — 1) Because my daughter's doll had to go poo poo. 2) Because after 45 minutes of staring at her breakfast, doing everything but eat it including stick it in Elmo's head, as we're walking out the door she's suddenly hungry. 3) Because mommy forgot it's share day and no, she can't just pretend her lunch box is her share day toy. …

Christy Esquibel Belore 2 years ago

Jenny From the Blog & Heather Seibert Jenks LMAO! I could SO join the club too! #11 was my house a few short hours ago :) If we ever met we'd have great non-eating lunch stories 😉

Alicia Castonguay 2 years ago

Nothing mentioned about puke? That's a good one, and very applicable lately.

Cheryl Ann Marble 2 years ago

And those same reasons are why my blog description is "Adventures in Chaos". Honestly, it's as if these little people need life to be as chaotic and hectic as humanly possible!

Christy 2 years ago

#28 the daughter drawing a picture … this is my oldest every single time we go meet someone they must have at least one perfectly colored picture! Now I don’t feel so alone! Loved this list … looked like a crazy person laughing and crying while reading at work :-)

jenny from the blog 2 years ago


jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Yes, that sounds about right. For any single ride you take. Makes you wanna be a hermit, ya know?

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Well, it helps one of the twins at least. Try to switch which one gets the full pair each time so that they never look back and say, I grew up only wearing one shoe.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

I’m working on that now, seriously. I lie to myself in my appointment book and change everything to 30 minutes ahead. Then I rely on my Mommy brain to forget that I changed it. Sadly, it works, though I think that’s more of a commentary as to my horrifyingly bad memory and mild ineptitude, but I guess I shouldn’t complain … what were we talking about???

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Mine says they didn’t hear me wake them … as I’m in their beds nudging them … explain that one?

Jennifer Bieneman-Courtney 2 years ago

#11 with the addition of "and get your shoes on". Every day! Thanks for the laughs and empathy. :)

Wendy Robertson 2 years ago

“Dryer lint is the cremated remains of all missing socks…” I am dying, laughing at this!!! can I quote you elsewhere?!?!?! this is Hysterical!!!!!!! :)

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

I love that!!! Mine does similar stuff, and then I spend the next 20 minutes trying to talk her out of 5 striped items on one body at at one time! It only makes us later and BTW it never works! Thanks for reading XO

Ashley 2 years ago

Dryer lint is the cremated remains of all missing socks. The dryer seems to be where the individuals go to die. Yet another reason not to do laundry

Jennifer 2 years ago

Geez! Sounds like one morning around here! I have 5 kids to get out the door, def #6 happens daily! All this is true, people without kids or expecting will experience all of these one time or another!

Monica Whitehouse 2 years ago

This is the truth. I'm scared to have another because I will be outnumbered if I go out with them alone. That's scary!!!!

Angel 2 years ago

#2 is the song of 3 out of 5 of our school day mornings, and never the same days week to week. We have to leave at 8:35am, at 8:32am child #2 will suddenly and very quietly disappear. She cannot do her business fast EVER! I will ask her at 8:15am, “don’t you think you need to go to the bathroom.” “No mommy.” Seventeen minutes later…bam…gone. Sigh.

Sarah McKay 2 years ago

Tara and April, my husband is laughing at both your comments because it's true for him. 😉

Misty 2 years ago

I would have to add that the baby poops in her diaper, someone needs to go potty, another can’t find shoes despitet he fact they aren’t allowed to leave the entry/laundry room, a stuffed bear can’t be located, I spilled the diaper bags, possibly can’t find the keys cause Daddy used them last, AND the inside cat ran out and won’t come back in… Oh and once we GET to the van someone can’t get their car seat buckled. …. Ahhhh, lol

Kate @ShakespearesMom 2 years ago

This is so very, very awesome. I’m laughing now, because it’s ten o’clock at night and I’m not in the midst of getting everyone out the door. When all the dog pee/itchy fingernails/missing stuffed animals is going on though, I’m a mess. Also, I have twins, and I swear to god I can always find THREE shoes. Never all four. Never two. Always three. And that doesn’t help anyone. Thanks for this post!

Snoof 2 years ago

Oh my gosh!! All so true! I try to leave about 15 minutes early everywhere now, & it does help.

Paloma Smith 2 years ago

Ashley Matia Tekely try the vent.

Mary Dickhaus Bellian 2 years ago

I have five children and three of them we are still helping out take care of after being parents for thirty years. My oldest just needed help moving for a new job. My second is having issues with her spouse of almost 7 years. My third is finishing college with our assistance.Our last two are graduating from high school this year if we can actually get them to study and go to school and do their assignments. My ex-boss always got on my case for driving them to school after they missed the bus and calling to say I would be late. She told me to let them walk when we lived more than 5 miles away from the school and it would take them a hour to walk to school. I tried working but no job was accepting to the occasional five minutes late or having to take a sick child to the doctor. Even though it is illegal for them to say this employers told me to choose my job or my family. I of course chose my family no job is worth letting your child suffer.

Punkmommytuna 2 years ago

#34… I didn’t hear you wake me. Even though I have yelled up the stairs 5 times. Then had no choose but to go up the stairs the drag the kid out of bed.

April Armstrong Campbell 2 years ago

No, it's because dads don't notice when the kid steps in pee, or is screaming because they threw up on their way out the door, or the kid has no coat and it's 30 degrees out… (well, not all, but if you're talking about the kind that only have the kid for an hour alone, lol…)

mommy Peachy 2 years ago


Rachel 2 years ago

I so laughed out loud at this….but you forgot having to find all the striped clothes in the house for the child who wants to wear everything stripy that day including socks, underwear and shoes (ref #6). Then having to look for the toy tiger that inspired this fashion moment!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Rebecca – I don’t know how I forgot that one. My dog has gotten better, but now my kitten does it and she’s so much harder to catch. PS it only seems to happen when we actually have a shot at being somewhere on time. LIKE – OH, NO YOU DON’T GET TO BE ON TIME!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Awww shux – thanks!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

I think with every kid you have you get to square it… not multiply! You may never be on time ever again!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

My mom is that way, I would’ve thought it would rub off and yet… nope. I’m usually the latest when I go to meet her (now I’m wondering how much of a coincidence that is?!?!) XO

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

The same place all the socks and hair bands and legos go.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Thanks Joelle … I’m actually running late as I write this and yet there’s no sign of getting off the sofa!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Good luck with that. Although I don’t know what this says about me, but whenever my mom has the kids she gets places on time. Argh! Show-off! Thanks for reading.

Dana 2 years ago

Cracked me up. This is my life. Daily.

Amber 2 years ago

Haha, my daughter has whined about her socks before too.

I just can’t stand to be late. I get this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach so I generally start getting ready a half hour before I have to be somewhere. So I’m basically always early to everything.

Jen 2 years ago

Hahaha! I’m dying laughing here!! I have 6 kiddos (ages 10 years to 5 months), & this is sooo my life, lol! #4 is why we have assigned seating in our vehicles. DH & I got tired of the arguing all the time. I’ve so done the “where’s my phone/keys” just to have them on hand or in my pocket.
My 4 y.o. has a little pink blanket she carries around & there have been many times she hasn’t wanted it, even if I ask her as we are headed out the door. As soon as we get to the car, “Mommy, where’s my pink blankie?… I want it!”
Love my kids, but some days I just wish we could get out the door without *something* causing us to be late! :)

paige 2 years ago

Ain’t this the truth. I am always losing shoes and socks. UGH!!

Jennifer 2 years ago

My husband is giving me strange looks b/c I am laughing so hard there is barely any sound coming out. Plus, I have tears running down my face

rebecca at thisfineday 2 years ago

LOL LOL LOL. I am an on time person, so this stuff sets me OFF. You can see me go from calm Mom to crazy kook mom in about 30 seconds with all of this. You capture it perfectly! One of my favorites is when the kids hold the door open to let the dog run free in the neighborhood as we are leaving the house leading me and the dog on a high speed chase dodging cars. Ugh. Remember when it took just a second to leave? It’s simple. You grab your stuff and walk to the car. Turn it on. Leave.

Priscilla 2 years ago

Shoes…where do the damn socks go? I put them in the dryer. I saw them go in there. Why didnt they come out?!

Priscilla 2 years ago

I stepped on one this morning. Took every ounce not to yell “Put those darn blocks away”.

My lil 21 month old is too sensitive for yelling lol.

Ashley Matia Tekely 2 years ago

Really…where the hell do all those shoes go!!?? I pretty much ask myself everyday!

Teresa Davis 2 years ago

and just when you think they’re out and you can finally go somewhere on time… the grandbabies start showing up!!! lol Now it’s trying to get an additional generation out the door haha

Joelle Wisler 2 years ago

Great list! I feel your pain…every step of the way.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

That’s a whole different article… I’ve written about that as well!!!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Thanks for the kind words. I love when my says is everything in my backpack mom and then dumps it in the hall as we exit, to check. Ummmm everyday!

Kat 2 years ago

Been there! Done that!

Thankfully, now that my kids are teenagers, it has gotten easier to get out the door (basically) on time; so, yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you! Hang in there Mamma!

Jessica 2 years ago

Most of these things have not happened to me…YET (my kids are still very young!), and I am fairly punctual. But recently I looked all over the house for my 1 year old’s shoes, until Daddy pointed out that she was already wearing them.

Valarie 2 years ago

This is so my mornings but I only have 1 son thats 4 1/2. His main thing is “whoops, mom I forgot to get a toy/movie for daycare” every morning lol. That seriously had me rollin laughin!! Great start to a Monday, thank you!!!

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

It actually happened to me this morning… probably while Jill was posting my piece. Seriously, I was a minute from the late bell after searching everywhere for shoes!

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago


Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

Yes, why do they always need to touch and then complain that they’re being touched!?

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

Don’t you love when you scream it enough that they listen and then you can’t find them because they don’t ever tell you that they actually heard you!!!

Marnie Sloan Brodersen 2 years ago

Holy hell, thank you for this. I just recently read that article about how appalling it is that everyone is late these days. I'll admit that I was never good at it, but kids make it damn near impossible. #6 for God's sake! #6!!!!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Cece – if you had one like that, she wouldn’t want to wear it anyway … so there’s really no difference other than the fact that it’s funnier that you don’t even actually own one!

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Cynthia – It gets longer everyday!!!

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

It actually happened to me this AM before school. Had to find another pair that was a perfectly matched to her outfit (so she said) we barely made it on time!

Jenny From the Blog 2 years ago

Yes, we could be friends, but we'd never make it out to meet.

jenny from the blog 2 years ago

Those mega blocks have been the downfall of many a small country!

A Life in Tune 2 years ago

I have used so many of these!

Corey Travis 2 years ago

Uh yeah…#6 happens every single day…LOL

Allie 2 years ago

Been there!

Jenn 2 years ago

Awesome! Thanks for making me LOL!

Lawry 2 years ago

You forgot the furbaby is STARVING and Mr. Independent (age5) must do it rightthisverysecondallbyhimself and add no less than 15mins to getting out the door you should have left out of 20 mins ago!

Tara Toulouse 2 years ago

"And they seem to have none of these problems when the big scary daddy has them for the hour out once a month….."
That's because kids know that dads don't put up with that shit.

Kate 2 years ago

Oh.My.God. This is my life. But I have two boys. The younger one has socks that “budge” on his toes, and they have decided that their life is not complete unless one of them is touching the other. By touching I mean kicking, hitting, flicking, licking, etc. I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!

Brian Shinkle 2 years ago

now you know when dads comes in to help out with there kids so there moms can go to work on time right.

Erin@MommyontheSpot 2 years ago

Yes to 11 and 31. . . nearly every damn day.

Victoria Sansone 2 years ago

And they seem to have none of these problems when the big scary daddy has them for the hour out once a month…..

Shelley @ThatGirlShelley 2 years ago

Exactly! Things always seem to unravel just as we are about to leave the house:)

Heather Seibert Jenks 2 years ago

This.. is.. my …life

Cece 2 years ago

This morning I was Kate for two reasons:
My son didn’t want to wipe his butt because it was TOO STINKY.
My daughter only wanted to wear a sweater that was pink AND purple. Not just pink. Not just purple. And not pink, purple and then others colors. Just pink and purple. We don’t have a sweater like that.

cynthia 2 years ago

All my kids have left home except for one. Those are perfect and TIMELESS! I will tell you – your list is going to get a lot longer… enjoy!!

Priscilla 2 years ago

Mine is not hat extensive yet but it’s getting there!
The biggest one yet was, the mega blocks wouldn’t come apart, and she had a meltdown.

Anna Hettick 2 years ago

Ha! YES.