33 Weeks Pregnant — Your Baby Is The Size Of A Platter Of Guac And Chips

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33 weeks pregnant
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Welcome to Scary Mommy’s pregnancy week by week guide! We’re here to give you all the info about what to expect when you’re expecting: be it symptoms, your pregnancy week by week size and development, your changing body, or ultrasounds and appointments. Here’s everything you need to know about week 33.

Your Body at Week 33 Pregnant

You’ve Got That Baby Belly Swagger

Admittedly, swagger makes it sound slightly more glamorous than it is. In reality, your official mode of transportation these days may be waddling. It’s understandable, given that the top of your uterus is a little over five inches from your belly button. Your 33 weeks pregnant weight gain is probably somewhere between 22- and 28-pounds, which is totally normal. But between the extra weight and the way your pregnancy is affecting your center of balance, you might be waddling your way through week 33.

Review Your Checklist

Now would be a good time to go over your hospital bag checklist. Chapstick for Mommy? Check. Change of clothes for baby? You betcha. Ask about hospital pre-registration and room sharing. If you did a hospital tour, these things were likely addressed. If not, be sure to ask your doctor for more info. This is also a great opportunity to nest. Wrap up those nursery decorations. Put those budding nesting instincts to good use and get that nursery squared away with time to spare.

Your Baby at Week 33 Pregnant

Your Baby Is the Size of…

Your juicy little womb fruit is now the size of a platter of chips and guacamole. Baby is around 16 ½ to 17 inches long and weighs between 4 ½ to 5 pounds. They will continue to gain weight until childbirth, but their growth in length will be minimal from this point.

Baby Is Thirsty

Your baby is acting more and more like, well, a baby. This means they’re getting ready for life post-womb, including preparing their gastrointestinal system. To do so, baby drinks up to a pint of amniotic fluid a day. Accordingly, you aren’t the only one peeing buckets — all that guzzling means baby has to tinkle a lot, too. In the meantime, your little one’s immune system is getting stronger since you’re still passing them antibodies.

Those Left Hooks Are Really Landing

Because baby has less room to flop around, you may not feel quite so many prods and pokes. But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel them. Your amniotic fluid level is starting to max out, so you might have just as much baby as fluid, if not more. And you know what that means? The kicks and pokes baby does land might feel more intense.

Your Symptoms and Health at Week 33 Pregnant

Same Ol’ Symptoms, Different Week

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, many of your 33 weeks pregnant symptoms are the symptoms you’ve learned to live with over the last few weeks. Your skin, especially on your tummy, might be itchy from stretching. Aches and pains include your back (no big surprise there), feet, hands, and your belly from round ligament pain. Heartburn is probably still your public enemy No. 1, with shortness of breath also making your most un-wanted list.

Your Legs and Feet Might Swell

Your baby is getting bigger and, with it, your uterus. That’s good news for your little one — you want them to grow and get stronger. However, your enlarged uterus can place added pressure on the major veins carrying blood from your lower body to your heart, causing your lower extremity to swell. Always keep your doctor posted about any changes that seem sudden are atypical to you but, otherwise, you can try to alleviate the swelling by staying off your feet as much as possible and elevating your feet to improve circulation.

Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It Just You?

Not only is your metabolic rate through the roof right now, but baby is also radiating body heat. So, it makes sense that you may get overheated occasionally. Kinda gives new meaning to that whole bun in the “oven” idiom, huh? While uncomfortable, feeling hot isn’t likely to cause any issues for you or baby — just be sure you’re staying well hydrated.

Double Trouble

It’s pretty crowded in there now. The twins have a lot less room to wriggle and kick so you might notice a decrease in activity. They’re close to five pounds each, after all!

With that said, it’s not a bad idea to start preparing for the possibility of bedrest. Women carrying twins are usually put on bed rest sooner than women carrying one child are because it’s considered a high-risk pregnancy (plus, you generally have less energy). Since you’re already a regular visitor at your doctor’s office, they’ll probably judge from your checkups whether or not they want you staying home to ride out the last few weeks.

The contents of this article have been medically reviewed by Ruth A. Tessler, M.D. in July, 2019.

Written by Julie Sprankles.

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