Your 39 Week Old Baby's Development And Milestones

by Scary Mommy
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39 week old baby

You officially have a 39 week old baby!

Your Baby Is Likely Freaking Out Right Now

You might notice that your baby has started to freak out about things right about now. Especially new or startling things like a strange dog, the doorbell, or an unexpected tackle from their big brother or sister. She may cry like, well, like a baby. But again, she’s easily distracted and you are still unequivocally her favorite thing on the planet, so soothe away. The freak-out doesn’t usually last long.

The only bad part about being your baby’s favorite thing on the planet is that now your baby has object permanence. This combination can equal increased bedtime struggles, seriously impinging on mommy-on-the-couch-with-OITNB-time. Your baby wants you with her, and she doesn’t understand why you can’t just stand beside her crib stroking her back and singing “You Are My Sunshine” for twelve hours while she sleeps. I mean, really, if you loved her you would.

Your 39 Week Old Baby’s Development & Growth Milestones

No, actually, if you love her, you will help her sleep. Any dang way you can. There are a lot of books, advice, and sanctimommies out there but ultimately you should just get your baby to sleep any way you feel comfortable. If she sleeps you sleep, and everyone is just a lot happier.

Speaking of happy, he’s way more fun now because you can get him to do tricks for all of your friends (who are probably rolling their eyes at you behind your back but who cares.) He might be able to wave bye bye on command or say “Hi!” in his adorable little voice. Anyone with a soul will melt into a puddle on the floor.

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