Your 4 Week Old Baby


Your 4 Week Old Baby

You’ve Made it Nearly A Whole Month Already

Scary Mommy Baby Week 4


Wow – you’ve made it nearly a whole month! And while your sweet bundle of bliss (when he isn’t crying or shitting himself) has come a long way from those first few days, he’s still very dependent. It hasn’t been that long since he was tucked securely into the dark confines of your uterus, and he’s still getting used to this whole “being out in the world” thing.

Right now, he needs the security of knowing you’re close, and available to meet his needs – and doing so will give him a sense of trust and confidence, and a bond that will persist far into the future. So for anyone (hello, mother-in-law!) who insists that you’re “spoiling” your baby by holding him too much, or responding too quickly, do this: tell them that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard, and to mind their bidness. Or, you know, just point out that research shows spoiling an infant is literally impossible.

There’s a lot of learning going on right now, and that fascinating little mind is making connections left and right, even if they’re not immediately visible. Help bolster brain development by providing lots of high-contrast items and patterns to look at (her vision still isn’t as clear as ours). And though she doesn’t yet have the hand-eye coordination necessary to deliberately reach for and grab an item, go ahead and place things in her grasp: she’ll love feeling the variety of new shapes and textures.

It sometimes seems like you’re tethered to your baby, and the last month has been an overwhelming blur of baby-centric everything. But it’s important to remember that you’re not only the mother of a newborn – you’re still you. Do something to remind yourself of that. Spend a little time with your bestie (even if you can’t yet bring yourself to venture out of the house for more than a few minutes). Get a manicure. It is fine – no, crucial – that you make yourself a priority. Even if it means letting someone else “spoil” your baby for a bit.


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