Your 43 Week Old Baby's Development And Milestones

by Scary Mommy
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43 week old baby
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You officially have a 43 week old baby!

Your 43 Week Old Baby’s Development & Growth Milestones

You might be horrified to learn that, even if your baby has been sleeping through the night, he might start waking up again and begging for a 3 am party. DON’T GO TO THE PARTY. It’s a trick. Try not succumb to hours of cuddling, rocking, and singing. Soothe him and let him know you are there, and then run like hell. Unless you co-sleep, and then you just have to figure out what works for you as far as nighttime comforting is concerned.

Your 43 Week Old Baby’s Physical, Social, And Cognitive Milestones

Stranger anxiety can rear its ugly head again right now as well, which just means that your baby is securely attached to you. She might punish you when you do return, by ignoring you (that little manipulator). Don’t worry, she loves you, she just wants you to know that you made her unhappy; she’s trying to figure out her effect on the world — and on you.


Now that your baby’s getting older, you might be thinking about getting back to your old self — or some version your old self, anyway. Please keep your expectations in the realm of reality, though; your body has been through a lot, but that’s all too easy to forget when your baby’s nearing his first birthday and you still can’t button your pre-pregnancy jeans, while fashion magazine covers are telling you that celebs get back in shape before they leave the delivery room. Remember that everyone is different (and not everyone has personal trainers and chefs), and from stretch marks to saggy bellies, everyone has some kind of post-baby body weirdness to deal with. As nice as it might be to slip back into your old jeans — or even your old sweatpants, really — focus on being healthy and the amazing things your body can do now that you’re a mom.

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