5 Fun Things You Can Do With Leftover Peeps

by Laurie Ulster
Originally Published: 
Make Something Pretty

If Peeps were just for eating, they wouldn’t be shaped like cute little bunnies and ducks. While a lot of Peeps people seem to like stuffing vases with them with a small container in the center to hold the water needed by the flowers they’re surrounding, some got more creative. This festive Peeps wreath has already lasted a year, and only took 140 of the little guys to make it just right.

Make Something Tasty

Time for some Peeps popcorn! If you melt your Peeps with some butter, not only do you get to color AND flavor your popcorn at the same time, you also get to watch the Peeps slowly transforming right before your eyes, in a Wicked Witch of the West sort of way.

Express Yourself

Dioramas aren’t just for elementary school, you know. This one took first place in Michigan’s “Peeple’s Choice Award” this year, an honor well earned. “It’s marshmallows, eating marshmallows,” says creator Jeff Vriezema of Grand Rapids.

These diorama contests have become pretty popular. People must be getting awfully ambitious, because this one only came in third back in 2012, and it’s pretty awesome.

Make Something Useful

Did you know that you can make your own play dough out of Peeps? Not only will it keep the kids amused, you don’t have to panic when they can’t resist taking a bite out of it: All that’s in it (other than the Peeps) is corn starch and coconut (or some other type of) oil, and maybe a little food coloring, should you feel the need.

Watch Peeps Videos

In the Do Not Try This at Home category, this video takes the traditional microwaving of Peeps into new territory:

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