Your 5 Week Old Baby


Your 5 Week Old Baby

Get Ready For the Best Moment of Parenthood: The Smile

Scary Mommy Baby Week 5


Get ready for one of the best moments of parenthood: THE SMILE. Before too long, your baby will bust out a huge, open-mouthed, toothless, beaming smile – and you will feel like simultaneously exploding and melting into a puddle from all the love. It will make every labor pain, every diaper blowout, every sleepless night completely worth it. It will also be a precious memory that you’ll conjure up and get sappy over, years down the road. Promise.

Your baby is finally starting to fill out, smooth out, and lose that plucked-poultry look – but you still might notice a few lingering oddities. Cradle cap, for example: that scaly dandruff that’s flaking up your darling’s ‘do. Like everything else, it will go away, but in the meantime you can help minimize it. Smooth a little bit of olive oil on baby’s scalp about ten minutes before bath time. Then, while you’re washing his hair, use a soft-bristled baby hairbrush in a gentle circular motion to loosen up those scaly bits on his scalp.

Are you feeling more confident in your parenting abilities yet? If not, it might be time to take a step back from every Internet message board and child-rearing manual and well-meaning friend or relative, and do what moms have done since literally the dawn of mankind: follow your gut. Trust yourself. You’re not going to screw them up. You might make a few rookie mistakes here and there (like clipping the end of your baby’s finger during a nail trim – oopsie!), but they’ll be minor and inconsequential and your baby will never remember them. Besides, you’ll come to realize that parenting is a total crapshoot, and doing the best you can is damn good.


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