Your 6 Week Old Baby


Your 6 Week Old Baby

You Are Rocking This Parenting Gig Right Now!

Scary Mommy Baby Week 6


You’ve got a 6 week old baby and you are rocking this parenting gig (think of how much you’ve learned in just this short time!). But sometimes you want to venture out into your old pre-child haunts and just be you for a while (or you’re gearing up to re-enter the workforce after your maternity leave). If you’ve been exclusively breastfeeding and feel like branching out a bit, now is a good time to introduce the bottle so you can finally pawn your little clinger off on someone else – I mean, rely on someone to take over baby’s mealtime when you’re not around.

Try it first with a small amount of expressed breastmilk and a hand-off partner; your baby may actually accept a bottle more willingly from someone other than you. (Then go enjoy a few minutes of indulgent aloneness.) Pumping is not the most enjoyable activity on the face of the earth, but you’ll soon become a pro.

You might have noticed that your mini-Mozart is soothed or energized by certain melodies. Babies love music – but don’t think you have to limit their playlist to nursery songs and kiddie ballads. Try putting on different varieties of music, from Beethoven to The Doors to Nicki Minaj, and see which ones get baby’s motor running! It’s a fun way to see her personality start to shine through.

After all this time, your lady-bits are finally back in working order and you’ve got the doctor’s okay to resume “vaginal activity.” Whether you want to or not is a different story! Your partner may be much (much, much) more anxious than you are, but don’t feel pressured, because – very much like your first time ever – you need to be as relaxed as you can before your first postpartum romp in the sheets. Take it slow, use copious amounts of lube (and don’t forget the condom!), and ease back into the saddle, so to speak. It may not feel great initially, and there’s no denying that sex will never be the quite the same again – but it does get better. Really.


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