This Little Girl Who Gave Herself A Haircut Is All Of Us

by Toni Hammer
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A five-year-old girl gives herself a haircut in this cringe-inducing viral video.

Many women have woken up one day, looked in the mirror, and wished they could just chop off all their hair and give themselves a new look without having to leave the house. They wanna grab the bull by the horns and take matters into their hands when the mood strikes. Five-year-old Aubrey Arnold did just that and recorded herself cutting her own hair in a viral video that’s been viewed over 17 million times.

The girl’s grandmother tells ABC News, “She asked me to set my tablet up because she likes to video herself. She watches lots of makeup tutorials online. She’ll do dances, she’s videotaped herself being a school teacher, all kinds of imaginative things.” Aubrey asked her grandmother to set up a tablet and was given a basket of old make-up so she could do her very own video tutorial. Her mother and grandmother were in the other room and neither even knew the scissors were on the table which is a recipe for instant internet stardom.

With the camera on and chocolate smeared all over her mouth, (because, of course) little Aubrey went to work. And dang, does she like cutting hair.

She takes her task very seriously in the video, watching every snip and cut with the intensity of a well-trained professional. She is in control and knows exactly what she’s doing.

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Are her bangs getting horrifyingly short? Yes. Does Aubrey seem to give a shit? Not at all. She looks calm and poised, like she knows what she’s doing, which is what all of us have looked like when we’ve tried to cut our own bangs. It always seems like a good idea. It seems like it can’t be that hard. It’s just hair. It’s just a straight line. Doing it ourselves seems so simple. But it’s not. It’s a mystery and a rite of passage and an embarrassing tale her mom will no doubt show to her future suitors because that’s what making childhood mistakes is all about.

When asked how Aubrey was feeling about the new cut, her mom said, “She’s mildly embarrassed but it’s OK.” Judging from the final shot in the video, I don’t think she’s at all bothered by the new style she’s sporting.

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Just look at that self-confidence. That poise. That grace. She’s a trendsetter in the making and she won’t be taking guff from anyone. Her go-getter, carefree, learn-as-she-goes and do-what-she-wants attitude is sure to take her places. Hopefully, just not behind a salon chair anytime soon.

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