Your 50 Week Old Baby


Your 50 Week Old Baby

Your Baby is Growing Up, Dammit

Scary Mommy Your Baby Week 50


By now, your baby probably insists on feeding himself with either his fingers or a spoon. It’s messy, it’s wild, it’s life. You should be giving him lots of different flavors and textures, including meat and cheese and yogurt. Let him decide when he’s full, as research shows that giving kids some control in this area keeps them from becoming overeaters in the future. (Thanks a lot, Mom.)

You’ve probably transitioned from a bottle to a sippy cup by now. If you haven’t, it’s a good time to do it; your baby will love feeling like a bigger kid (even though you might cry when you think about him being a bigger kid). It’s happening. Whether you’re ready or not.

You might notice that your baby is becoming a little more clingy at this age. She also seems to have knack for knowing when you’ll be the most busy and will want to be held RIGHT THEN — like when you’re trying to make dinner. A good way to keep your little one entertained during dinner-prep is to let her “help” you. You can sit your baby in a highchair and give her a brush to help “clean” a vegetable. You can have her “organize” the tupperware drawer. You can invent a million different little games so that she feels like she’s getting your attention. Babies at this age are still gullible, thank goodness!


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