Your 51 Week Old Baby


Your 51 Week Old Baby

In ONE WEEK Your Baby Will be a Year Old. Way to Go, Mama!



You might be planning a big elaborate birthday party, but we have some advice; step away from Pinterest, unplug your computer, buy a cupcake, and just get ready to take some cute pictures. Really. Your baby doesn’t care about a big elaborate birthday party and it will probably just overwhelm her anyway.

But, if you insist on having a party, or some crazy person in your family insists, try to keep it mellow. Babies do get overwhelmed with a lot of stimulation and it’s her day, after all. An even better plan? Book a day at the spa for YOU. Head out to a nice dinner… alone. Get your nails done, or see a movie solo. You’ve cared for another human being for an entire year of your life. You deserve to be celebrated, dammit!

Your baby should be down to one afternoon nap now and is hopefully sleeping through the night. That doesn’t mean this is true for every baby, though. Your baby might decide that she’s a night owl or a morning person and in ideal world, your schedules will coincide. But, this doesn’t always happen and that’s when you get to learn the art of compromise. Oh, the joys of parenthood!



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