6 Signs You Might Be High Maintenance AF

by A. Rochaun
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Finding a good deal has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. But life has taught me not everyone feels that way. Most people like nice things — some just like them a little more than others.

Chances are your circle has a mix of deal-chasers, dollar-spenders, and flex-spenders — folks who go back and forth. And then there are those who are bougie AF — you know, the ones who want to be fancy and would be fancy if it weren’t for that little problem called money that often gets in the way.

And if you don’t know anyone who strives for a life of luxury and style, who’ll spare no expense for the latest clothes/purse/gadget, well…then, it might just be you.

I’m not here to judge; it’s yo’ world. Spend your time and money however you like. But here are 6 signs you might bougie and/or high maintenance AF:

1. You would rather pay eight installments for layaway than buy a single non-name brand item.

So, you’re going to take eight months to own a $300 toaster when you would’ve been fine with the $20 model? What the heck do you need a $300 toaster for? Does it harvest grain and make bread from scratch? Perhaps it converts into a donut maker and shops for its own ingredients off Amazon. Now that would be worth any price.

2. The sound of the word “thrift store” burns your ears.

I might live in Goodwill, but I get it — second-hand isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But why would you borrow the money from a friend to get that $169 cardigan sweater out of that fancy catalog when you could get a cardigan from Goodwill in excellent condition? It literally still has the tag on it and costs only $6. #winning

3. It takes you longer to get ready to go out to dinner than you actually spend at dinner.

It doesn’t matter how far in advance your friends tell you, you’re never on time because your preparation process is so detailed. I know you wanna look your best, but do you have to rewax/ shave every single time you leave the house? You’re among friends here. No one is looking at your mustache, girl. It’d be nice to make it to dinner before all of our other friends are ready to go home.

4. Family reunions and high school reunions…with those people!? Ha!

Once you left your home town, you didn’t look back. You don’t have time for shenanigans and Friday nights spent drinking off-brand soda and playing neighborhood games. Your relatives and high school friends might say, “You’ve forgotten where you came from” — and you don’t necessarily disagree with them.

5. You prefer cabs and Uber to buses and subways.

Ok, I’m gonna be honest here. I’m not a huge fan of public transportation, either. But I do what I gotta do. Besides, just think of all the interesting people you meet on public transportation.

6. You told your spouse to try again on his date night plans.

This guy loves the hell out of you. He makes date night a priority. He makes you a priority. And you still chided him for taking you to a restaurant without cloth napkins.

Obviously, this list is a joke, but we all know that person for whom it rings like a little too true. No shame in that. Own it, girl. Go on with your bougie self. Just try not to be late to dinner next time.

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