Your 7 Week Old Baby


Your 7 Week Old Baby

noBorders - Brayden Howie / Shutterstock

Adorable Mini Push-Ups And Holy Sensory Overload

noBorders - Brayden Howie / Shutterstock

noBorders – Brayden Howie / Shutterstock

By now you’ve probably noticed that your baby’s movements are getting less jerky and uncontrolled and more deliberate. He can hold his head up and look from side to side, and does adorable mini push-ups when he’s on the floor. He can also track objects with his eyes and will soon begin reaching for things, although he can’t quite grab them on his own just yet (but don’t worry – you’ll be prying your stuff out of his greedy little mitts soon enough, and the phrase “we can’t have anything nice” will come into play).

He’s really developing at an amazing rate, which means he’ll be spending a lot of time absorbing the world around him. This is prime time for the two of you to communicate: he will respond with smiles and gurgles when you talk to him, so use every opportunity to socialize. It doesn’t matter what you say – he’ll still think you’re the most awesome person EVER.

If your baby cries without clear reason, and you’ve established that she’s not colicky, she might have a case of sensory overload – so check the noise level in your house. Think about how overwhelming it can feel when the TV is loud and the dog is barking and people are talking (or in the case of kids, yelling) and the microwave is beeping and your phone just keeps getting Facebook notifications and you want to scream “SHUT UUUUUUP!”

… Yeah. Only multiply that times a bazillion, because you’re more accustomed to it than your baby is. So if she’s getting upset, turn down the volume and see if that helps.

Are you crying too, Mom? It’s normal to feel out of whack when your postpartum hormones are in flux. (Plus, hello! It’s hard having a newborn!) You might be upset that your body doesn’t exactly look like you thought it would at this point. But if your despair is reaching dangerous depths, postpartum depression is a real possibility and it effects your entire family – so please don’t hesitate to mention it to your doctor!


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