7 Reasons Your Book Club Should Be a Wine Club

by Rose Maura Lorre
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Finding reasons to get out of the house is important this time of year, and I’m a big fan of any club that would have someone like me for a member—especially if we’re talking about a wine club, which is always a much better idea than a boring old book club. In fact, here are seven reasons why wine clubs trump book clubs, hands down.

1. At book club, you try to impress everyone with your literary insights and you leave wondering if you sounded like an idiot. At wine club, it doesn’t matter if you sound like an idiot because everyone was too tipsy to ever remember what you said.

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2. Knowing about wine will make you a bigger hit at parties than knowing about books.


3. Your wine club can easily switch things up and do a bourbon night or a beer night. But what is a book club supposed to read besides books? The paper? A screenplay? Poetry?!?

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4. Wine is a health food now. Reading, however, leads to posture and vision problems.


5. Coed book clubs always feel kinda awkward. Whereas a coed wine club is basically happy hour with comfier seating options and a much nicer bathroom.


6. Because what truly made Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker wasn’t the writing; it was the drinking.

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7. Just think about what counts as homework.


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